Sytner North East named Retailer of the Year 2019

Sytner North East has been awarded the title of Mercedes-Benz Retailer of the Year 2019 at an exclusive awards ceremony which took place at Mercedes-Benz World in Surrey.

Sytner North East - which has sites in Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland, Teesside and Carlisle - was chosen thanks to its outstanding performance in every area of the business. This includes Customer Service, Used Car Sales, Workshop Retail Hours and Customer Retention.

Gary Savage, Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Cars UK, said: "Our retail partners are a vital part of our success in the UK. Without their hard work we wouldn't have finished 2019 as the third largest manufacturer in the UK, and the number one premium manufacturer.

He continued: "We - as an industry - are experiencing a real level of change, and I'm very proud to see our Retailers embrace these challenges and continue to offer our customers an exceptional experience."

In 2019, Mercedes-Benz sold over 171,000 cars in the UK with a market share of 7.4%.

In a successful evening for Sytner, Sytner West also claimed an accolade and were awarded with Fleet Team of the Year 2019.

Sytner Mercedes-Benz North East team win award