John Lennon drove one, Peter Sellers roared through his detective comedies in one, and even the Queen was chauffeured through the park of Windsor Castle in one. Countless celebrities succumbed to the charm of the classic Mini, which was first presented to the public 60 years ago. The car’s distinctive design, surprisingly generous space and agile driving characteristics were all major factors in the revolutionary small car being accepted into the circles of high society at an early stage – especially in its home country of Great Britain. Exclusive photographs show numerous stars from the world of music, film and fashion choosing the classic Mini as their preferred means of transport, making it an icon of its time.

To mark the brand's 60th anniversary furthermore, MINI is commemorating those glorious early years with some exceptional special vehicles. Following the successful market launch of the MINI 60 Years Edition for the current MINI 3-door and MINI 5-door, the classic Mini will once again be at the forefront. A unique, elaborately restored one-off in the colourful striped design of the current MINI 60 Years Lifestyle Collection revives the fashionable panache and lifestyle of the wild sixties.

Even after the brand's relaunch in 2001, celebrities all over the world were soon enjoying the distinctive driving fun offered by the modern MINI, which followed firmly in the footsteps of its classic predecessor. As the first compact car for the premium segment, the MINI immediately became a trendsetter. Its unconventional concept has inspired film-makers, musicians, fashion designers and other artists alike. With its enormous popularity as well as a clear tendency towards extravagance and immense driving fun, the MINI has made several appearances in Hollywood films and found its place in the private fleets of numerous showbiz stars.