MINI buyers can be sure of driving fun, individual style and premium quality as well as relying on a particularly high level of value retention.

For years now, MINI models have been among the winners in the “Resale Value Giants” ranking published in “Focus Online”.

The new MINI One 3 door has been certified as having the lowest percentage loss in value among small cars, while the same applies to the new MINI One Clubman in the compact segment.

Given their diverse qualities and enormous popularity, the two MINI “resale value giants” have everything it takes to attract a high level of demand on the used car market.

For the MINI One 3 door the market experts predict a resale value of 56.5 per cent of the current retail price in four years’ time.

The latest generation of the original in the premium segment of small cars has already come out top of its class in previous “Resale Value Giant” rankings. So it comes as no surprise that “Focus online” stated, “The MINI One is a sound investment.”

Meanwhile the MINI One Clubman does even better in the current analysis: after a period of four years, this car is predicted to have a resale value of 58 per cent of its original purchase price.

These assessments are based on analyses carried out by the Saarbrücken market research institute Bähr & Fess Forecasts. The study looks at the anticipated development in value of current new cars over the next four years. In their forecasts, the automotive market experts take into account not just the characteristics of each model but also brand image, performance on comparative tests, competition in the specific segment, customer surveys and also general economic developments. Resale value comparison is an important guideline for potential new car buyers when making a purchase decision. Ultimately the difference between purchase price and resale value is a key cost factor.