9 Things To Do At Autosport International 2020

With Christmas and New Year now over it's time to start getting excited for all of the year's automotive events. As with every year, what could be a better motorsport warm up than Autosport International and The Performance Car Show? Whether you've visited the show before or you're a first time visitor, there's no end of amazing things to see and do at the show - here's our definitive list of 9 things that you should do at Autosport International this weekend.

1. Take a thrill ride in a Ginetta.

Found in the 'Adrenaline Zone', it's always a pleasure to watch these 135bhp Ginetta G40s drift their way around the specially designed circuit.

A car designed for people who enjoy the odd track day or want to get into club racing, the Ginettas find it all too easy to prove just how capable they are (and how good they sound).

Rather than just watching, however, for a small fee you can get past the barriers and jump in the passenger seat for a white-knuckle thrill ride - go on, treat yourself.

2. Go to the Live Action Arena.

It almost goes without saying that the Live Action Arena is the highlight of the show for many people. 

This year featuring Sky Sports F1 commentator David Croft as presenter and performances from such things as the BRISCA Formula One Stock Cars, the world's best stunt drivers, a host of celebrity interviews and even an indoor drag race, it would seem that the 2020 show definitely won't disappoint.

It's a show that comes with the warning: "really noisy and contains lots of smoke" ... what's not to like?

3. Gaze longingly at all of the racing car parts.

It's no secret that us car enthusiasts can't help but love to see the inner bits and bobs that make performance cars tick.

Whether you're looking to buy parts for your racing car or just browsing, we're sure you'll agree that there's nothing quite as fascinating as seeing an engine or gearbox that has been partially dissected and then put on display.

Being one of the largest indoor motorsport events in Europe, there's no where quite as good as Autosport International to get right into the workings of a V8 engine, a sequential gearbox or a turbo.

4. Buy something for your car.

Whilst you're wandering among all of the performance car parts - possibly trying out the odd sequential shifter and enjoying that fantastic sound as you click through the gears - why don't you buy your own car something?

Whether it's stickers, cleaning products, a steering wheel or something much bigger; your car deserves a treat too!

5. Take a selfie with the Formula One cars.

With Formula One being the very pinnacle of Motorsport, it's hard to not get incredibly excited when you see the plethora of F1 cars on display at this year's Autosport International.

It's rare that you get to see this many F1 cars up close and personal, so grab your smartphone and get a selfie with your favourite Formula One cars. Show us yours on Twitter with #F1selfie.

6. Have a debate about Liberty Walk bodykits.

Many would argue that when a Ferrari or Lamborghini leaves the factory, it is a piece of art that requires no further modifications. If, however, you would like to make your supercar a little more unique, Japanese company Liberty Walk can help. 

Known for their widebody creations that have drawn countless crowds at auto shows like SEMA, Liberty Walk create body kits and one-off builds for some of the world's most desirable cars. 

Should a supercar ever wear a bodykit? Let us know what you think on Facebook!

7. See your favourite automotive personalities on stage.

There are very few places that you get to see so many automotive personalities on one stage.

Excitingly, this year's line-up of racing driver guests has been joined by Charles Leclerc of Ferrari F1 fame. Want to hear what one of Formula One's newest stars feels about his debut season and next year's big changes? Make sure you head over to the live stage!

In order to make sure you don't miss your favourite people on stage, be sure to make checking the schedule one of the top priorities on your list. (Sadly, we don't have timings for this. Make sure you consult Autosport, so that you aren't disappointed)

8. Visit the Performance Car Show and decide your dream garage.

Once you've had your fill of racing cars, head into the Performance Car Show that operates alongside Autosport International.

Celebrating performance cars both old and new, you'll get enjoy everything from modern supercars to childhood heroes. Whilst wandering in awe through the sea of incredible cars, why not take a moment to decide how you'd fill your dream garage?

9. Channel your inner racing driver and get to grips with eSports.

When you're surrounded by so many racing cars, it's impossible not to feel like you just want to be out on track in your dream supercar, homemade track day car or favourite thoroughbred racing car.

Whilst buying a racing car or going on a track day might be quite an expensive remedy, why not immediately channel your inner racing driver on one of the simulators?

The simulators at Autosport International aren't just your run of the mill Playstation and steering wheel type simulators, these are strap in, gloves on, as close to the real thing type simulators. Epic fun.