Amazon has Patented Autonomous Car Charging Drones

Despite more and more electric car technology appearing on an almost daily basis, this incredible sounding patent from Amazon is probably one of the most surprising that we’ve ever seen. You've read the title, they are planning to charge your electric car using autonomous drones!

Within the patent, Amazon outlined a new technology that would grant special autonomous drones the ability to latch on to an electric car and charge its battery whilst it is still on the move. In theory, a technology like this would mean that an electric car would never have to visit a charging station on a long drive.

All a vehicle would require in order to be compatible would be a docking mechanism on the roof that can be plugged into the underside of the drone.

Taking advantage of connected technologies, the patent doesn’t seem to show much human interaction (if any) being part of the charging process – the car would simply notify Amazon that it requires fuel and the network would then dispatch an autonomous drone to make its own way to the appropriate vehicle.

In the patent, Amazon also notes that the drones could carry other fuels besides electricity; meaning that there is a possibility that the drones could also supply chemical fuels to vehicles that don’t run on electricity.

Of course, a new patent doesn’t mean that Amazon are definitely going to develop this type of technology – it is far from a plan. It does, however, show that Amazon have an active interest in the ever growing world of cars that run on alternate energy.

Aside from work to integrate ALEXA into certain vehicles, Amazon have somewhat kept their distance from the automotive industry, so it’ll be interesting to see how Amazon move into automotive in the future.

What do you think of this potential new technology from Amazon? Would you like to see drones that charge electric vehicles taking to the skies? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

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