Aston Martin Celebrate 100 Years of Zagato

Next year, the Italian design house Zagato will celebrate 100 years of designing some of the world’s most beautiful cars. Celebrating both 58 years of partnership and Zagato’s landmark year, Aston Martin has now announced a unique centenary tribute to the iconic design house that will bring together old and new.

It’s called the ‘DBZ Centenary Collection’ and, unlike previous collaborations, it’s actually a strictly limited pairing of cars that comprises of a track-only continuation of the legendary DB4 GT Zagato and a brand new, road-legal, DBS GT Zagato. Fittingly, it’s a celebration that pairs the first Aston Martin Zagato with the very latest. 

The first of the two cars in the pairing – the DB4 GT Zagato Continuation – celebrates the very first collaboration between Aston Martin and Zagato. Originally built in the 60’s to compete against Ferrari’s racing cars, the DB4 GT Zagato was a car that combined Aston Martin’s motorsport knowledge with Zagato’s design prowess. 

Built to the same specification as the originals, all of the 2019 Continuation cars will be produced at the Aston Martin Works plant in Newport Pagnell (the home of the DB4). Power will come from a Tadek Marek-designed straight-six engine that features two spark plugs per cylinder and feeds 380bhp through a four-speed manual gearbox to the rear wheels. 

The second car in the collection takes the beautiful design language used on the DB4 GT Zagato and combines it with Aston Martin’s most potent series production car ever – the DBS Superleggera. As with all Aston Martin and Zagato collaborations, it’ll feature the iconic ‘double-bubble’ roof and will gain a redesigned front grille and what Aston Martin are calling a ‘dramatically truncated tail’.

Built upon a formidable base, DBS GT Zagato will benefit from 715hp and 664lb ft of torque courtesy of Aston Martin’s brilliant 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12. You can read all about Aston Martin’s new DBS Superleggera flagship here.

Strictly limited to just 19 pairings (echoing the original DB4 GT Zagato’s production of just 19 examples), neither car included within the DBZ Centenary Collection will be available to purchase individually. This very short production run will make the DBS GT Zagato the rarest of all modern-era Aston Martin Zagatos.

We can expect to see examples of the DBZ Centenary Collection unveiled at some point next year and we simply cannot wait to see how the DBS GT Zagato ends up looking. Which classic Aston Martin would you like to see inspire a Zagato special? We’d like to read your thoughts on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

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