Audi Q4 e-tron Concept

Audi Unveils New Q4 e-tron Concept at Geneva Motor Show

It’s no secret that Audi have been working very hard in the area of all-electric power. Proving their commitment to alternative energy is yet to waver, they’ve just used the Geneva Motor Show as the platform to unveil their fifth fully-electric production car, the Audi Q4 e-tron.

Of course, as this is the Geneva Motor Show, you’re actually looking at the Audi Q4 e-tron Concept. That said, with the real thing coming as soon as 2020, you can assume with certain safety that you’re looking at pretty much the finished article. Stunning, isn’t it?

Audi Q4 e-tron Concept

Following the recently released e-tron and the upcoming e-tron Sportback, Q2L e-tron (in China) and the e-tron GT, the Q4 e-tron Concept looks to drop into the compact SUV market, offering customers a prestige and comfortable four-door SUV that benefits from Audi’s all-electric powertrain technology. 

In traditional Quattro style, power is fed to all-four wheels courtesy of an electric motor on each axle. There’s a total of 225kW on offer (the equivalent of 302bhp), which the Q4 e-tron Concept uses to get from 0-62mph in just 6.3seconds and to a top speed of 111mph. 

In order to extend the car’s range, the top speed has actually been restricted to 111mph, the effect being that the 82kWh battery is good for up to 279miles on a single charge. When you consider how often you actually exceed even 70mph, let alone need to reach a car’s top speed, it’s really not a bad trade-off.

Audi Q4 e-tron Concept

The exterior styling is recognisably Audi, utilising familiar elements such as the large front grille that houses the four rings logo and the quintessential full-length light bar across the boot. The Q4 e-tron Concept then adds its own character through wide arches and aggressive front end details, setting itself apart from the rest of the range whilst adding a taste of sportiness to the aesthetic. It’s a truly stunning thing and we really hope that the finished product ends up near identical to this concept.

While we’re talking about the exterior, it’s worth noting that the stunning colour you see the concept wearing is called ‘Solar Sky’. Far from just being blue paint, this special colour, designed specifically for the Q4 e-tron Concept, has been created under environmentally friendly conditions, can reflect certain types sunlight (reducing energy usage to cool the cabin) and changes shade depending on the angle that you look at it. Just shows, being sustainable and environmentally friendly are high on Audi’s list at the moment. It’s clever stuff.

As with the powertrain and exterior tech, sustainability has also been the driving factor when it comes to the materials used throughout the cabin. That means that the headlining, window pillars and dash panel have all been covered in microfiber textiles, whilst everything you would usually expect to be chrome-plated is now covered with high-quality multi-layer paint.
Audi Q4 e-tron Concept

The seats have also undergone a transformation; featuring a carefully manufactured Alcantara material instead of the usual leathers that you’d expect to find in a car like this. You may note that this concept currently only features four seats, as-of-yet we don’t have any information from Audi whether the production version will be the same.

Technology wise, Audi’s brilliant virtual cockpit makes another appearance, this time displaying important elements such as speed, charge level and navigation. Everything else can be found on either the large augmented reality head-up display or the 12.3 inch touchscreen that sits atop the centre console. 

We can’t help but be excited by all of the electric creations that we’ve seen come out of Audi over the last year-or-so. With the e-tron now available, an electric sport saloon on its way and the unveiling of the Q4 e-tron Concept, surely it’s time for an all-electric R8? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Audi Q4 e-tron Concept

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