Mild Hybrid Audi SQ8 Makes its Frankfurt Motor Show Debut

Displayed as the new flagship SUV for Audi, the SQ8 is set to take the brand’s already superb Q8 to the next level with a powerful turbodiesel V8 producing north of 400bhp and torque above 600lb ft. It’s safe to say that we’re quite excited about this one. 

We feel like we have to start by talking about that engine some more. The Audi SQ8 will be offered with a 4.0-litre biturbo diesel V8 that features a 48V mild hybrid system that boosts both performance and efficiency. Due to that combination, Audi’s SQ8 boasts 429bhp, 664lb ft of torque and a subsequent 0-62mph sprint of just 4.8 seconds. Which, when you consider the size of the SQ8, is even more impressive.

New Audi SQ8

As you’d expect from a flagship SUV, power is fed to all-four wheels through the latest version of Audi’s eight-speed automatic gearbox. Whilst already a great car to drive, handling characteristics can be improved further through an optional advanced suspension package that includes a sport differential that balances torque between the rear wheels when cornering.

Outside of performance, the clever V8 can make itself more efficient by automatically turning off one of the turbos at low speeds. Boosting this efficiency even further, the SQ8 can also use its hybrid system to coast for up to 40 seconds, at speeds between 34 and 100mph, without the engine running; subsequently meaning bursts of emission and fuel free driving.

When it comes to tech; adaptive air suspension that features ‘electromechanical active roll stabilisation’ – which uses an electric motor to minimise body roll – comes as standard. As mentioned this can be changed to the optional advanced suspension package which, in turn, allows for the addition of all-wheel steering.

As with other performance versions of cars in Audi’s range, the SQ8 has undergone various design tweaks that hint at its additional performance. As such, the exterior features redesigned air inlets, a matte silver S-specific grille and various matte black details throughout. On the inside, Audi have finished the cabin with a mixture of leather, Alcantara, polished aluminium and stainless steel. 

The Audi SQ8 is set to start appearing over the next few months, so we’ll hopefully be able to bring you a closer look at one of these soon. If you’d like to learn more about Audi’s new flagship SUV before then, however, simply click below and contact your local Sytner Audi dealership.

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