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Ban on Petrol and Diesel Car Sales Brought Forward to 2035

That’s right, the government’s plan to ban the sales of new petrol and diesel cars has been officially brought forward to 2035. The change to the date was announced by Boris Johnson and has been fuelled by expert advice that banning sales in 2040 would be too late if the UK wants to achieve emitting zero carbon by 2050. 

Along with the date change, the government have announced stricter guidelines that ban the sale of any car that isn’t entirely emission-free; in the current climate, that means the majority of cars sold will be EVs. These new rules differ as the original plan was to allow the sale of ultra-low emission vehicles such as mild- and plug-in hybrids. 

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At the moment, the plan is still subject to consultation and many within the government are calling for the date to be brought even further forward, providing a faster way to transition can be found. To that end, some government advisors have stated that the ban should be actioned by 2030 at the very latest.

The market share of electric vehicles has slowly increased over the last year, with over 37,000 battery electric vehicles being sold in the UK during 2019 – a 144% increase over 2018.With various new initiatives and the exclusion of electric cars from company car tax on the horizon, that number is only set to grow further.

That growth should help to expedite the speed at which the cost of the technology decreases and charging infrastructure is improved, ultimately helping the adoption of EVs to snowball. Many experts say that, whilst 2035 or earlier seems too soon, it is likely that the majority of car sales by 2035 will naturally be all-electric.

The full policy will be outlined at the COP26 United Nations climate summit in November. Set to be held in Glasgow, the annual summit will be a platform for the Prime Minister to talk about the 2035 ban and about how the whole UN can step up protecting the planet.

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