Bentley unveil new Continental GT3 Racing Car

Continuing the Bentley Continental’s success out on track, Bentley have now unveiled their latest Continental GT3 racing car. Wearing wide-arches, a huge wing and lots of other aerodynamic elements, could it be one of the best looking GT3 cars ever?

A complete juxtapose to the beautiful elegance of the new Continental GT road car, this aggressive GT3 racing car features sharp angles and lines that create an entirely new aesthetic that is arguably equally as stunning.

Maintaining not only the same silhouette as the road car but also largely the same aluminium structure, Bentley have managed to reduce the Continental GT3’s weight by around 1,300kg when compared to its road legal counterpart (according to Top Gear’s maths, that’s the equivalent of a VW Up GTI). This huge weight saving figure has been assisted by the stripping out of the interior; where the road car’s cabin is a pleasure, the racing car is as hostile as you’d expect, featuring little more than a FIA-spec roll-cage, racing seat, six-point harness and steering wheel. 

Power comes from a further developed version of Bentley’s race-proven 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 with a redesigned dry sump system, an all-new intake system and new exhaust systems. This being a racing car, there are no official power figures but Bentley assures us that the new Continental GT3 will produce in excess of 550bhp (before being restricted by FIA limiters).

Working with the new aerodynamic package and potent V8, Continental GT3 also employs a bespoke suspension system (that includes four-way adjustable racing dampers) and a specially honed braking system to ensure that maximum control is available to the driver whilst fighting to be at the front of the pack.

When you consider that Bentley managed to claim the title in both the British GT series and the Blancpain Endurance Season Cup in 2017, this second generation Bentley Continental GT3 has some pretty big shoes to fill. As such, the new Continental GT3 racing car has already started its six month testing programme and will soon begin grueling full 24 hour race simulations.

Speaking of their newest racing car, Bentley’s Director of Motorsport, Brian Gush commented:

“After four years of success with our Continental GT3, we’re excited to reveal our second-generation car. The new car leaves no area or system untouched in the search for even better performance … and the early test results are promising”.

The new Continental GT3 will make its racing debut when the 2018 season of the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup kicks off in Monza on 21st April. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing this stunning racing car out on track – but what are your thoughts on Bentley’s new racer? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Images from the Bentley Media Newsroom.

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