Bentley Manchester Work Placement

Bentley Manchester Host Second Work Placement​

After the success of their recent work placement with The Manchester College, Bentley Manchester have just completed their second week long work experience with an automotive student from the College.

Automotive student, Sertzio, was very excited to spend a week working alongside our highly skilled technicians in the workshop at Bentley Manchester; learning the ins and outs of some of the world’s most luxurious cars from brands such as Bentley, McLaren and Rolls-Royce. During his time at the dealership, Sertzio demonstrated continual engagement and motivation that ultimately saw him granted permission to get even more involved with the engine repairs and maintenance (under the watchful eye and guidance of our brilliant technicians, of course!).

Bentley Manchester Work Placement

Unlike many of the vehicles that students get to work on during other placements, the complex nature of these cars helps to expose them to complicated electrical  systems that they may otherwise never get chance to see. This exposure allows students to learn specialist techniques and knowledge that they can utilise throughout their careers. 

This is the second work placement to take place at the dealership; with the first seeing two Level 3 Automotive Students – Warren Ndlovu and Musa Jallow – spend a week with the team in the workshop (read more about their visit here). Talking about the first placement, Aaron Phelps-Naqvi – Employability and Partnership Coordinator at The Manchester College – said:

“The cars that the students were working on go for £1m each. Originally, we were looking at the students just shadowing the mechanics but because they were so motivated in every possible way, they were involved in the engine repairs.

“The technicians were very supportive … and very complimentary about the students’ attitude, how they asked questions and got stuck in, and everyone enjoyed them being there.”

Throughout both placements, the dealership team were very proud to welcome the students into their workplace and found themselves continually impressed by their hard work and motivation. We’re already looking forward to the next one!

Manchester College Students at Bentley Manchester

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