Vantablack BMW X6

BMW Promote new X6 with Show Car dressed in Very Special Paint​

This rather incredible looking BMW X6 is a special show car that has been developed for the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. As a world first, it has been dressed in something called ‘Vantablack’ the darkest man-made substance on earth. 

In fact, Vantablack is so dark that it absorbs almost all of the light that hits it, with only 0.0035% actually escaping – that’s the reason that it looks 2D or like a black hole to the human eye. Vantablack was developed by Surrey NanoSystems back in 2014 and is traditionally used on components destined for space. 

Vantablack BMW X6

Admittedly, the colour you’re seeing here isn’t actually true Vantablack because that’d be too dark, too expensive and terribly difficult to apply to the X6 show car. Instead, BMW have worked with Surrey NanoSystems to use a new version of Vantablack named ‘VBx2’. 

Allowing a very generous 1% of light to reflect off the X6’s body, this paint has never before been used on a car and has only ever found uses in architectural projects. 

This incredible looking show car will be displayed as part of the BMW X6’s world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show, undoubtedly alongside a more traditionally coloured example of the stunning new car. 

Blending the attributes of a 4x4 and a classic coupe, the new BMW X6 shares in the DNA that has defined the model since its debut almost a decade ago. 

Alongside the quintessential design DNA, the newest iteration promises to add new technology – such as virtual cockpit and the latest iDrive – and further improved driving dynamics thanks to new mechanical components and chassis technology.

You can learn everything we know so far about the new BMW X6 in Sytner BMW’s article here.

The latest BMW X6 will be available from November 2019, so there’s not long left to wait now. Would you like to get your hands on one sooner? Why not take a look at our extensive range of Approved Used BMW X6s below!

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