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Private Cars Could Soon be Banned from Birmingham City Centre

As part of their aim to become carbon neutral by 2030, Birmingham City Council have revealed new plans that aim to limit private car access to its city centre. Should the plans go ahead, they could be in force by the end of the year. 

In the new Birmingham Transport Plan, Birmingham City Council stated that they are looking to reduce private car access to the city centre by banning ‘through trips’, increasing pedestrianised areas, introducing a 20mph speed limit on more residential roads and reducing the number of car parking facilities. 

Banning through trips would mean that private cars could enter certain areas of the city but would then need to return to the ring road in order to access other areas; placing emphasis on the use of public transport, walking or cycling when in the city.

In order to aid this ban, Birmingham City Council are looking to reroute the A38 to an upgraded ring road.

Alongside this private car restriction, there are a number of potential updates and improvements coming to Birmingham’s transport network.

Among these plans, Birmingham City Council are looking to prioritise public transport, take advantage of the new HS2 train and introduce a fleet of Sprint rapid transport buses.

Providing that the Transport Plan is backed by the council’s cabinet on 21st January, a consultation will begin on the 28th January to decide whether to go ahead.

Whilst the Birmingham Transport Plan is yet to be approved, Birmingham City Council has already responded to multiple clean air warnings from the Government with a Clean Air Zone that is set to be in force from July 2020. The Clear Air Zone will see high-polluting cars required to pay £8 in order to travel into Birmingham’s city centre.

The plan sees Birmingham join an ever-growing list of UK cities that are implementing Clean Air Zones or are looking to ban private cars. What do you think of Birmingham’s plan? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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