You Can Now Buy a Formula E Racing Car

These days, the market for specialist track day cars is incredibly large; with manufacturers across the world offering everything from build-it-yourself road legal track cars to track-only specials that aren’t allowed to leave their care. Still find yourself wanting something a little bit different? How about an actual Formula E race car?

That’s right; all 40 of the first generation Formula E racing cars, that took part in the first four seasons of the all-electric ABB FIA Formula E Championship, are now for sale. Starting at a price as little as £150,000, they could be the perfect way to take to the track in a formula car.

When you consider that traditional Formula One cars tend to hit the market with a price tag of millions of pounds, the Formula E price tag actually starts to look quite affordable. They’re also quite literally ‘plug and play’ when compared to their combustion powered counterparts; all come ready to race with a plug to charge the 28 kWh Lithium-ion battery pack and all feature components that have been produced to be affordable to all teams that compete in the series.

All of the cars produce a total of 270hp through an electric motor that was developed by McLaren Electronic Systems and all are capable of around 12-17 laps of running before they require a recharge. Ideal for track day usage, the ex-Formula E racers are also eligible for hillclimb events and possibly some competitive circuit events.

The sale comes due to the next season of Formula E featuring a new generation of cars. Originally, all of the competitor cars were owned by the Formula E series and leased to the teams, in order to make the series more appealing to teams. The next generation of cars, however, will be owned by the teams, meaning that the previous cars have been sat dormant and without use.

Formula E Racing Car
Formula E Racing Car