2018/19 Formula E Season heads to the BBC

Formula E and the BBC have announced that every race of the 2018/19 season will be shown live on the BBC website and via the red button. With more-and-more focus being placed on hybrid and electric vehicles in the UK, this new deal represents an important milestone for the growing motorsport. 

The new deal with the BBC means that all Formula E races, during 2018 and 2019, will be shown live on the BBC website and the red button, at least one live race will be shown on one of the BBC’s network TV channels – BBC One or BBC Two – and all are to be saved to BBC iPlayer for people to catch up on later.

The announcement comes just weeks after Formula E’s news that the upcoming season will also be streamed live on Youtube in the UK, with commentators coming in the form of well-known influencers from across the platform. 

Combined, the two deals will ensure that the next season of Formula E will be easily accessible across multiple platforms for everyone within the UK. 

Talking of the new deals, Ali Russell, Formula E’s Media and Business Development Director, told Autosport:

"The ABB FIA Formula E Championship will continue to be broadcast to the masses and across a variety of platforms in the UK … It's imperative that Formula E remained on a free-to-air network in such an important territory and key market for motorsport. What better place to showcase some of the best and most competitive racing than on the BBC”.

There’s no confirmation yet as to whether the BBC will be utilising the existing Formula E feed or whether they’ll be creating their own and there’s also no confirmation from the BBC whether they will be creating an on-site team to present at each of the races. Regardless, it’ll certainly be nice to see a pinnacle motorsport return to a free television network full-time.

This announcement is another in a long line of recent news from Formula E that shows the already entertaining sport is heading in an exciting direction – with recently unveiled new cars that look incredibly futuristic and the upcoming introduction of Roborace, the world’s first autonomous racing series.

Watch this space for more updates as we receive them. Will you be tuning into the next season of Formula E? We’d like to read your thoughts on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin.

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