Kickstarter Hendo release the world's first Hoverboard.

Those amongst us who are lucky enough to remember the classic film series 'Back to the Future' may have noted that, in 2015, we should be seeing kids on hoverboard's whizzing about. To many this, quite rightly, seems a bit far-fetched; however kickstarter company 'Hendo' have recently unveiled that they have created the world's first hoverboard and are looking to sell the first 10 prototypes early in 2015.

The board resembles a large, futuristic, skateboard and hovers about an inch off the ground thanks to four 'hover engines'. The device works by using similar technology to maglev trains; relying on opposing magnetic forces between the board and the below surface to create 'lift'.

The rider of the Hendo Hoverboard can use two different methods of propulsion when it comes to getting around; the first of which is the traditional method used with the normal, modern day skateboard. The second, slightly more futuristic method, is through the use of 'Hendo Hover' – a system that alters the forces projected on the below surface through the iOS or Andriod app.

Due to the devices use of magnetic fields, the board currently only works on certain surfaces and is therefore being tested on a specially designed skatepark; Hendo aim to use part of their $250,000 kickstarter campaign to not only develop and produce the hoverboard but also create specially designed areas to use the boards.

Hendo are also looking to further develop the battery system which is used to power the four hover engines, as the current system only lasts around ten minutes. The company aim to have fully usable versions of the hoverboard to be available earlier October 2015.

The company are also giving away their 'Whitebox developer kit' to anyone who pledges $299 to their kick starter campaign. The kit comes in the form of a fair sized white box which houses a hover engine; as well as being an entertaining and intriguing piece, it also allows for reverse engineering with the aim of developing new uses for the hover engine.

With its enthralling nature and eye set on future design, the whitebox has already inspired many creations that range from a scale model Star Wars cruiser to blueprints for the hover car of the future. The team agree that the current hoverboard still has flaws but say that it is the biggest leap into the future of this technology to date.