Jaguar I-PACE gets upgraded


Jaguar I-PACE Gets Racing Car Based Upgrades to Increase Efficiency

That’s right, thanks to Jaguar’s I-PACE eTrophy race series, the Jaguar I-PACE will receive a free update that’ll increase efficiency and unlock an additional 12 miles of real world range. The increase has been achieved thanks to changes in the way that the battery, all-wheel drive system and thermal system are managed. 

Along with knowledge gained from the I-PACE racing car, the new update has been influenced through the analysis of over 50 million miles of real-world journeys, with Jaguar looking at how I-PACE customers use their cars and subsequently changing elements of I-PACE accordingly. 

Jaguar IPACE

The first of the changes concerns the car’s all-wheel drive system. Using data from the I-PACE eTrophy race series, Jaguar have changed the torque split between the front and rear motors when the car is in Eco mode. According to Jaguar, this means that the I-PACE now maintains permanent AWD traction.

Next, they’ve made changes to the I-PACE’s thermal management system. As you can imagine, the racing car variant of I-PACE relies heavily on efficient thermal management to keep the batteries working at their best whilst being pushed as hard as possible. Jaguar say that, by making greater use of the active radiator vane system they’ve been able to boost aerodynamic performance.

The final change comes in terms of battery capacity. Using more data from the racing car, Jaguar have managed to allow the battery to run at a lower state of charge without changing I-PACE’s driveability, durability or performance.

Other than those key changes, Jaguar have used the aforementioned real-world data analysis to optimise I-PACE’s regenerative braking system and the algorithm that calculates range. Both of these things have aided in the additional range that Jaguar have been able to give I-PACE in this free update.

I-PACE customers are currently being invited to their nearest Jaguar dealership to have their car updated (all new I-PACE’s will come with the update already completed). Following this update, all Jaguar I-PACEs will be capable of Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA) updates, meaning that Jaguar will be able to update I-PACE without customers needing to visit a dealership.

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