New Land Rover Defender

JLR Want to Revolutionise your car with Smart Watch Technology

A technology that’s already in use in curved OLED TVs and flexible wearable tech like smart watches, the technology could eventually see dashboards replaced with curved screens and entire panels replaced with button-less colour-changing ones. 

The technology that Jaguar Land Rover is developing is called Lightweight Electronics in Simplified Architecture (LESA) and, whilst it has uses outside of automotive, it has never been applied to a car’s interior. The aim, say Jaguar Land Rover, is to create spaces that can be customised by the car’s owner on the fly. 

Land Rover Smart Dashboard

At the moment, Jaguar Land Rover envisage the technology being implemented as customisable interior ambient lighting systems, body controls, wraparound button-less dashboards and advanced fabric/leather heated steering wheels.

According the brand, however, that is just the beginning. You see, thanks to LESA technology doing away with a heavy ECU, it can reduce the weight of a single part by 60% and the size from 50mm to 3.5mm.

That’s pretty significant and subsequently opens up a world of possibilities, one of which would be the ability to place solar panels on cars, something that has never really be viable due to the massive weight gain.

The added benefit – alongside lots of extra tech in your car – is that the reduced weight will increase fuel efficiency and electric car range (especially when roof-top solar panels can be implemented). Jaguar Land Rover say that LESA technology is perfectly in line with their ‘Destination Zero’ vision of achieving a zero emissions future.

We can’t help but find this new technology incredibly interesting and we’re curious to see the various applications that hopefully appear as Jaguar Land Rover continue to develop it. What do you think of the technology - would you like an interior entirely filled with curved screens and interactive panels? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter.

The New Land Rover Defender

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