Re-opening our Showrooms, Keeping you Safe

In a recent Government announcement it was confirmed that our Showrooms in England* should be ready to reopen on the 1st June. Some weeks ago, a team of our most experienced colleagues was put together, specifically to plan how we can invite customers and colleagues back into our showrooms in the safest way possible.

Ensuring that when you come to visit us, you can have confidence that we are committed to keeping both our customers and colleagues safe. You can take a look at the full plan here. Our dealership teams have been exceptionally busy behind the scenes getting everything ready, read on to see some examples of their work in progress:

When you visit one of our dealerships, you’ll notice that our teams have positioned new signage throughout the showroom. Just like you’ll have seen when out grocery shopping, the signs will help you to keep 2 metres from other customers or colleagues, advise you of any one way systems and will direct you to the sanitising stations that we’ve added around the dealerships.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to maintain social distancing. For that reason, you’ll notice that we’ve reduced the number of cars on display in the showroom, in order to maximise the space available. All of our dealerships will have members of the team that are dedicated to regularly sanitising all of cars that are on display.

To help our teams keep on top of this, all cars within the dealership will remain locked until a member of the sales team can safely show you around your desired car. During the viewing, we’ll ensure that there’s only ever one person in the car and you’ll be asked to wear protective gloves throughout.

After each viewing, the car will be locked again until it has been cleaned and all of the common touchpoints have been disinfected. That way, you can be sure that all of the cars on display are clean and you’ll never have to worry about who was the last person to touch the vehicle.

If you would like to find out more about one of our vehicles, you’ll be able to speak to one of our team members at a consultation desk. We’ve greatly reduced the number of desks in the building, to maintain social distancing, and have positioned new screens on each desk for your protection.

In order to best protect you when it comes to any form of payment, we now offer contactless mobile payment, such as Apple & Google Pay, at every location. However, if you need to pay by card, we’ll provide protective gloves for you as you use the card payment machines.

To help maintain social distancing, we will ask you contact us to make an appointment before you visit. This will ensure that we can manage the number of colleagues and customers within our dealerships at any one time.

These are just some examples of the changes we have made to our dealerships to ensure your visit is safe and enjoyable. This work will continue over the coming weeks as we refine our processes following your feedback. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin to keep up to date.

We’re looking forward to seeing you again soon.

*In areas where localised restrictions are in place, we will adhere to Government guidelines and restrictions appropriately. For more information, please see our FAQ’s here.

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