Lamborghini Squadra Corse Present Two New Motorsport Focused Models

Over the weekend, Lamborghini treated us to not one but two very special new variations on their amazing URUS and Aventador. Unlike the new versions we’re used to however, these two have come directly from Lamborghini’s dedicated racing division – Lamborghini Squadra Corse. 

Lamborghini Aventador SC18

Only Lamborghini could give us the most extreme version of their flagship model – the Aventador SVJ – and then proceed to gift us with an extreme version of that extreme version. That’s what you are looking at here, the Lamborghini Aventador SC18; it’s a 760bhp ‘one-off’ creation by Squadra Corse that utilises racing car techniques.

Despite being a road car, almost everything that you see on the exterior of the Aventador SC18 has come from either the Huracan GT3 Evo or Huracan Super Trofeo Evo racing cars. This means that the carbon fibre body now features additional air intakes on the bonnet, wider arches, additional fins and various new airscoops.

Using technical knowhow from the Super Trofeo Evo, there have also been various setup changes to increase downforce and make the Aventador SC18 the perfect partner at any of the world’s racing circuits. Lamborghini have stated that the Aventador SC18 is more at home on track than the road, but you’d have probably guessed that already.

Aventador SC18 is said to utilise the same spec as the Aventador SVJ – 760bhp and 531lb ft of torque – but with the benefits of an additional course of weight-saving. Sadly, Lamborghini haven’t unveiled any official performance data but, considering the Aventador SVJ managed 0-62mph in 2.8seconds, you can expect it to be monumentally fast.

Lamborghini URUS ST-X Concept

The second release from Lamborghini and Lamborghini Squadra Corse is slightly more surprising - it’s a motorsport concept of their new URUS super SUV. Presented at the 2018 World Finals, this new concept marks the start of a new Lamborghini single-brand championship with an “arrive and drive” format.

Whilst we may have seen many single-make motorsport championships appear recently, this one seems particularly interesting as it’ll be the first SUV focused championship. Lamborghini say that they will debut the new championship in 2020 and it’ll combine both race circuit and off-road racing. We can’t help but be excited for this!

The “arrive and drive” format makes it even more interesting; Lamborghini plan to offer driver-customers the ability to simply turn up at the circuit, jump straight into a race prepared URUS and then go racing. Lamborghini Squadra Corse would then offer all drivers technical support throughout the weekend.

The URUS ST-X itself, presented in Matte green with various bare carbon fibre elements, is a URUS that features a 25% weight reduction (when compared to the production model), additional air intakes to help cool the V8 twin-turbo and all of the relevant FIA-approved safety equipment; steel roll cage, fire suppression system and etc. Lamborghini plan to show us the URUS ST-X's on track debut in 2019 at the World Finals, which will be almost exactly a year from now. We're excited to see what it can do on track and to hear how it sounds through its new racing exhaust system.

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