Lamborghini and MIT unveil 'the future of super sports cars'

If you read interviews with Lamborghini about future technologies like all-electric drive and autonomous cars, you’ll see nothing but them saying that, in their current state, they’re technologies that don’t fit Lamborghini. As such, they have now released a concept car that shows us exactly how to do future technologies, the Lamborghini way. 

This new concept is named ‘Terzo Millennio’ (or ‘third millennium’) and it has been created alongside the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) with the sole mission of “rewriting the rules on super sports cars”. Terzo Millennio is Lamborghini’s poster car for the next generation of car enthusiasts. 

As you’d expect from a futuristic car like this, power now comes from electricity and not conventional fuels. Lamborghini say that this switch comes with the perks of higher efficiency and interesting characteristics such as the ability to harvest energy and then reuse it to deliver huge peaks of power. 

The problem however, according to Lamborghini, is that current battery technology is incapable of delivering the high performance or energy recovery that is required for a true super sports car. As such, the Terzo Millennio does away with current battery technology and instead utilises an innovative supercapacitor for energy storage. 

The result? Terzo Millennio would be capable of greater power recharging and quicker power discharging – which in turn converts to more explosive acceleration. As with almost all Lamborghinis, Terzo Millennio’s power is fed to all-four wheels but this time it’s through an electric motor inside each of those outrageous looking wheels. This method allows for lots of torque and the ability to move energy from wheel-to-wheel.

An additional perk of the ‘motor in each wheel’ tactic is that it also allows greater freedom for Lamborghini’s designers and engineers when it comes to making a car that looks suitably Lamborghini and is entirely aerodynamic – two things that they have definitely achieved. Lamborghini have long been known for doing their own thing and creating cars that have a distinctly outrageous aesthetic about them. Terzo Millennio ticks that box. Designed to be as aerodynamic as physically possible, Terzo Millennio wears lines and angles that are wholly reminiscent of everything we’d expect from a Lamborghini. 

In true Lamborghini style, even Terzo Millennio’s body is a futuristic masterpiece. Made from carbon fibre to ensure reduced weight, nanomaterial technology has been built into the car’s body to help store electrical energy. Taking full advantage of the nanotechnology built into the very structure of the car, Lamborghini say that they want to implement technology that continuously monitors the entire carbon fibre structure for cracks and damage and is ultimately capable of then using the nanotechnology to repair itself.  

That’s not all – Lamborghini have also tackled the ever-growing world of autonomous cars … in a very Lamborghini way, of course. Far from autonomous technology that helps you navigate the motorway or take a little sleep on a long journey, Terzo Millennio’s autonomous tech is aimed at circuit driving; autonomy on the Terzo Millennio is more of a teaching aid that helps you to get the best lap times possible. Say you’re off for your first ever lap at Silverstone, Terzo Millennio will take control and show you the perfect racing line, corner entry speeds, corner exit speeds, where to accelerate and where to brake. It’ll then put you back at the wheel and pit you against a ghost car to see if you can beat it. Autonomous driving done right?

As you can imagine, Terzo Millennio is currently nothing more than a static concept car that shows Lamborghini’s take on an all-electric world that no one thought they’d ever wander into. That said, Lamborghini aren’t known for making show cars that they don’t build at least a couple of – could we be seeing a limited run Terzo Millennio in a couple of years? Sadly, your guess is as good as ours but we certainly hope so.

What do you think of the outrageous Lamborghini Terzo Millennio? Do you like Lamborghini’s take on the future of the automotive world? We’d like to hear your opinion on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

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