Lamborghini Track-Only Hypercar


Lamborghini Tease Track-Only V12 Hypercar Based on the Aventador

It seems that the automotive world has had two specific focuses this year: electric cars and, totally juxtapose to that, track-only hypercars (not a bad mix). Well, joining the latter category, Lamborghini have now teased us with a brief glimpse at a new, very limited, track-only Aventador! Happy Monday, everyone. 

That’s right, Lamborghini’s Squadra Corse racing department have teased us with a track-only (possibly Le Mans entering) hypercar through a new video named simply “The Purest Track Experience” and a brief mention in a new press release about the debut of their new Urus ST-X racing SUV. 

As you can probably imagine, we don’t have all that much info just yet; other than the fact it’ll feature a 12-cylinder engine (presumably a V12) and that it’ll appear in 2020. In their article about Lamborghini’s new track-racer, Autocar talked about unconfirmed reports that mentioned the hypercar would be named ‘SVR’ and that the naturally aspirated V12 would boast 818hp.

What the video does tell us, however, is that the Squadra Corse designed hypercar will feature some rather intense aerodynamic features; with an aggressive rear diffuser, track-focussed rear wing, large roof-mounted air scoop and racing car-esque front splitter all making brief appearances in the video.

Now, we mentioned earlier that this incredible looking V12 hypercar could be Lamborghini’s entry into the upcoming hypercar class at Le Mans … that’s possibly not true, because homologation rules require a manufacturer to create 20 road-going examples of their racing car. That said, we mention it because there’s every chance that we could be looking at the basis for that Le Mans racing car, which we can’t help but find a very exciting prospect.

Other than knowing that it’ll be debuted at some point in 2020, we don’t know exactly when Lamborghini will tell us more about their upcoming track-only hypercar (we suspect around the same time as the Urus ST-X’s first race in Misano next year). We’ll be sure to bring you more as soon as we have it! Make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin, so that you don’t miss out!

Lamborghini Siån

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