Learner Drivers could be allowed on British Motorways

Government Announces that Learner Drivers could be allowed on British Motorways

Currently, the only way for someone to learn how to use Britain’s motorways, with an approved instructor, is to enrol on an official Pass Plus scheme after passing their practical driving test. As part of new plans to improve road safety, this could all change in 2018 as the Government announce that they may make motorway driving part of normal driving lessons.  

In order to minimise risk when using the motorway, the revised plans will only allow learner drivers to use the motorway once they have been deemed competent. They will also need to be driving a car with dual controls and have a qualified driving instructor with them.

The plans come with an announcement from Transport Minister Andrew Jones that he would like to make Britain’s roads even safer. Talking of the new plans, Andrew said:

“We have some of the safest roads in the world and we want to make them even safer…these changes will equip learners with a wider range of experience and a greater skill set which will improve safety levels on our roads.”

New motorcycle riders will also be affected by changes to the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course. In new plans to bring more synergy in the way that you attain either a car or motorcycle license, new motorcycle riders will be required to pass a theory test as part of their CBT – previously, this was solely a practical exam.

Provisional riders will also face the threat of their CBT certificate being revoked should they gain more than six penalty points and will be restricted to riding only automatic motorcycles if they complete their CBT on one.

Chief executive of the DVSA , Gareth Llewellyn, commented:

“We want to modernise driver and motorcycle training so that novice drivers and riders gain the skills and knowledge they need to help them to stay safe on our roads.”

With the motorways statistically being some of the safest roads in Britain, these changes have been welcomed by the RAC foundation as they say that some new drivers find motorways so daunting that they deliberately avoid them; favouring instead statistically more dangerous routes.

These changes are yet to be officially approved and will are currently being discussed at a formal consultation. Should they be approved, we could see them put into action as early as 2018. What do you think of the possible new rules – should learner drivers be allowed on the motorway? Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.