Matt Thomson Accredited as a Rolls-Royce Master Technician, Aged Just 32!

A brief discussion while working as a barman at Mere Golf and Country club in 2007 between Matt Thomson and Jon Crossley, Managing Director of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Manchester resulted in a dramatic career change which has culminated in Matt being accredited as one of the youngest Rolls-Royce Motor Cars ‘Master Technicians’.

Jon had just finished a round of golf at his Club and Matt was serving him and his friends with a deserved drink at the 19th hole. Matt, a keen motor enthusiast and would be mechanic knew who Jon was and his role in the motor industry so he cheekily asked him for a job as a technician. Jon, on discussing Matt's background suggested he apply for the Rolls-Royce & Bentley Apprenticeship Scheme and gave him details. Matt immediately applied and to his delight passed the assessment.

He commenced working for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Manchester in September 2007 and now nearly 12 years later he has reached the pinnacle of his profession, bestowed with the title of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Master Technician. 

He now knows everything one needs to know about the "Spirit of Ecstasy" and is a first point of call for help from fellow technicians when an issue occurs where they need help and guidance. Matt is based at the unique Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Manchester Ownership Services Facility based on Mobberley Road, Knutsford.

Matt in point of fact is the youngest Master Technician within the Sytner Group, part of Penske Automotive, the UK-based company that owns Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Manchester and which has a fine heritage throughout the UK motor industry dealing with all prestige marques. 

To achieve the status of Master Technician one has to train for over five years with a combination of practical and on-line training courses alongside day to day training at Knutsford. The practical courses take place at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Headquarters at Goodwood, West Sussex in their state of the art factory. Matt’s hard work and determination was overseen by fellow Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Manchester Master Technician, Tony Ellis whom Matt describes as his mentor from day one and a vital support throughout the lengthy process.

Matt (32) lives in Holmes Chapel with his wife and new eight month old daughter. Commenting on his achievement Matt said, "It's been a fantastic journey. Ever since joining as an apprentice back in 2007 I have aspired to be Master Technician. It's incredibly rewarding to have finally achieved my goal. I'm ecstatic!"

We'd like to congratulate Matt on his fantastic achievement, as mentioned becoming a Rolls-Royce accredited Master Technician is no mean feat! If you're feeling inspired by Matt's story and would be interested in starting your own Sytner Group journey, why not learn more about Sytner Group Careers by following the below link.

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