Third Generation Mercedes-Benz CLS revealed ​

Featuring autonomous driving technology and a sleek new design, the third generation of the Mercedes-Benz CLS is upon us. 

Debuting back in 2003, the Mercedes-Benz CLS was a car that helped to create a brand new automotive segment, blending the elegance of a coupe with the comfort and practicality of a saloon. Taking lessons learned from both the first and second generations, Mercedes-Benz say that this third generation of CLS builds even further on that original concept.

The first thing you’ll notice is that CLS now presents an even sleeker silhouette and wears a higher waistline. This ‘fast’ looking profile is then combined with frameless windows and a low roofline to help the CLS maintain that coupe aesthetic that Mercedes-Benz strives for in a car of this genre. Thanks to this beautiful design work, it’s easy to forget that CLS is similar in size to a saloon and does in fact have four-doors.

At the front, Mercedes-Benz have implemented new design language through the use of a bigger headlight cluster. Twinned with a larger grille and twin air intakes that are reminiscent of the mighty AMG-GT, these new lights help to give the front end an added sense of aggression. Following clean lines along the car you find a rear section that is interrupted by little more than the large LED taillights. That’s very much a trend with this car: there are few fussy details anywhere on the CLS – it’s all about smooth lines that almost seem to have been moulded by hand.

Under that sweeping bonnet, you have the choice of placing one of three new engines. To start, there are two new diesel engines - the 286bhp CLS 350 d 4MATIC or the 340bhp CLS 400 d 4MATIC.

Both feature technologies such as the stepped-bowl combustion process, two-stage turbocharging and CAMTRONIC variable valve lift control - the latter is a first for Mercedes-Benz.

Aside from the diesel engines, there’s also the 367bhp CLS 450 4MATIC petrol engine that features new 48V electronics to allow for extended coasting and stop-start technology. Mercedes-Benz say that all of the new EQ-Boost technology that they’ve built into the engine makes for eight-cylinder performance from a six-cylinder engine. 

The interior is as you’d expect from a Mercedes-Benz CLS – luxurious yet functional. Mercedes-Benz have once again used their interior design skills to create a clean, spacious and sporty interior that helps to strengthen the aggression that is exuded by that AMG GT-esque front end but still feels refined. Technology also makes an appearance in the cabin in the form of a fully digital cockpit that can display information in one of three different styles that suit the driving situation – classic, sport and progressive.

Comfort comes courtesy of bespoke CLS seats that feature premium materials and quilted leather. Helping the rear seat passengers to also feel an optimum level of comfort, both outside rear seats are identical to those in the front in order to create a sporty single-seat impression.

What is even more impressive about the new Mercedes-Benz CLS, however, is the way in which it further promotes that feel of comfort. On the interior, it uses a mixture of lighting, musical and climate control elements to create a serene environment whilst technology borrowed from the range-topping S-Class grants it the ability to help you out autonomously in such situations as stop-start traffic.

The all-new Mercedes-Benz CLS is a very impressive car that blends Mercedes-Benz sportiness with Mercedes-Benz luxury. We look forward to seeing this beautiful new car in the flesh and would like to hear your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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