​Inventive thinking is built into MINI’s DNA. But what if we could tap into something deeper? What if tomorrow’s MINI provided a unique, personalised experience combined with shared ownership? To give you a glimpse of the possibilities that lie ahead, we’ve imagined what the future of urban mobility might look like.​

In a future where a single MINI can be shared amongst everyone, a new generation of technology enables the car to always look and feel like your own. Parts of the exterior surfaces transform to suit your personal preferences and beam a personalised greeting as you approach it. The Cooperiser is a coloured translucent circular instrument in the centre of the car and is the heart and mind of the MINI VISION NEXT 100 - communicating with the driver through dynamic changes in colour.

The MINI VISION NEXT 100 pays homage to MINI’s iconic design by positioning the wheels in the far corners of the vision car, maximising handling and feel. The Cooperiser will also offer you the option of experiencing someone else’s personal driving mode, from friends, family, celebrities and even creative visionaries. Between journeys, the vision car will drive autonomously to a service hub, where it’s cleaned and recharged, before zipping off to meet another driver.

In the future, driving in a MINI must still be fun, to the extent that drivers will prefer to drive themselves – as often as possible. The mechanical experience of speed and the feeling of nipping swiftly through twists and turns are part of what makes a MINI a MINI. But it doesn’t stop there. In a future world of self-driving cars, this side of motoring may have an even more significant, even more special role. Various aspects of the MINI VISION NEXT 100 will take the go-kart feeling to another new level. Cleared of many controls and screens, the interior has a pure, uncluttered look. And the glass front end opens up a dynamic view of the road. Here, augmented reality displays show the route or ideal driving line, heightening the driving sensation.

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