All New Homes to Include Electric Vehicle
Charging Points

When it comes to the mass adoption of electric and plug-in hybrid cars, arguably one of the most important things to have in place is a strong charging infrastructure. With that in mind, the Department for Transport has announced plans to have electric car charging points built into every new build house. 

The plan would cause a change to building regulations that forces homebuilders to include a charging point at all new builds, allowing future owners the luxury of easily charging their EV at home without using the Government’s home charger subsidy scheme. Should the plan go ahead, it’ll make England the first country in the world to introduce an initiative of this nature. 

As the Department of Transport has, so far, only announced a public consultation on the subject, there is currently no mention of exactly what chargers would be used in houses. There is also the outstanding question of how these charging points would be installed for houses that don’t have off-street parking.

It’s safe to assume that the latter will be covered through last week’s announcement of where the Government will be sending its Road to Zero funding – with projects such as wireless charging and ‘pop-up’ roadside chargers receiving the most investment.

Increasing the convenience of EV charging even further, the Government have also announced this week that they expect card and contactless payment to be accepted at all EV chargers next year. The announcement comes due to many people talking about the inconvenience of always having to match membership cards and schemes with chargers on any given journey.

Due to multiple new initiatives and schemes launched over the last few weeks, it’s safe to say that the UK’s charge towards a mass adoption of electric vehicles is really gathering pace. We’re excited to see as more pieces of the puzzle slowly come together over the coming year. What do you think most needs to be addressed before a mass adoption of EVs? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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