Pirelli release F1 inspired smart tyre

Unveiled earlier this year, Pirelli’s new Connesso P Zero tyres connect to your phone and allow you to keep a constant eye on important tyre information. 

Pirelli say that the tyres come at a time when almost every part of modern cars offer some form of connectivity except the tyres – arguably one of the most important aspects of any vehicle. These smart tyres end that lack of conversation between driver and tyre through continuous feedback being sent to a Pirelli app.

They work thanks to a small 100mm sensor that is stuck to the inner side wall of the tyre. This sensor has been designed to monitor things like tyre pressure, temperature and tread depth in real-time and send them to the app. 

The app doesn’t just keep the driver in the loop with information however; it also allows direct access to getting help with a flat tyre, ordering a new set of tyres if the tread depth is too low or booking in for a swap from summer to winter tyres or vice versa. 

Those who have watched motorsports such as Formula One will probably recognise this technology as something that has been present in the sport for quite some time; despite that, this is the first time that the technology has made its way out onto the public road.

The Pirelli Connesso technology started being offered with Pirelli’s P Zero tyres in the summer of this year. Much like the tyres of Formula One, Pirelli are offering these tyres with a striped sidewall - there are four main colours but Pirelli say that you can pick pretty much any colour that you can possibly think of.

These clever smart tyres from Pirelli are now available and demonstrate yet another time that the world of motorsport has crossed over to the world of road cars. With the push that is currently happening towards connectivity between cars, it seems only natural to assume that we will start seeing more technology like this over the coming years.

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