All-new Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo debuts at Geneva Motor Show

Back in September of 2015, Porsche used the Frankfurt Motor Show to unveil their stunningly beautiful and performance filled Misson E – their first all-electric concept. Now, ahead of a road-going Mission E’s release, Porsche have unveiled the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo.

This time in the form of a Cross Utility Vehicle (CUV) with a Sport Turismo inspired silhouette, the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo demonstrates Porsche design and technology that could possibly make an appearance in Porsche’s future Mission E range of vehicles.

Featuring a low-cut bonnet and heavily curved wings, the Mission E Cross Turismo is unmistakably Porsche; sharing distinctive design DNA with the iconic Porsche 911. That said, the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo takes this design a step further and reveals further steps into the Mission E specific design language that sets it apart from anything else in the current Porsche range and signifies its position as a performance all-electric vehicle.

At the front, the distinctive vertical air inlets – or ‘air curtains’ - that house the matrix LED headlights have once again made an appearance, whilst the broad wings and air outlets visible from the side of the vehicle reinforce the character of the concept car. At the rear, sporty design continues through an air-channelling roof spoiler and a feeling of generous space is developed thanks to the large panoramic glass roof extending into the boot lid.

Setting the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo apart from the previous Mission E concept car that we saw in 2015 is the host of off-road elements that can be seen across the car – such as larger wheels and heightened suspension.

Despite off-road and crossover vehicles often being thought to be heavy and cumbersome, Porsche’s CUV has an unmistakable feeling of ‘lightness’ that is juxtapose to what is expected of the niche.

That feeling of lightness is continued when you step inside Mission E Cross Turismo; Porsche have accomplished this by combining quintessential Porsche design with the futuristic design language of Mission E. As such, you find elements such as the traditional circular Porsche dials and gauge layout displayed on a thinner curved screen.

Sat in the front of the Mission E Cross Turismo, you’re greeted by a familiar Porsche steering wheel and their new digital dashboard, whilst a new hidden HUD projects driving information onto the windscreen for the driver.

Porsche say that, despite this being a concept vehicle, the key to the spacious cabin is that it is entirely feasible and could be similar to what we see in Mission E road vehicles very soon.

Porsche have not mentioned specifics when it comes to the Mission E Cross Turismo’s powertrain or performance statistics. With that in mind, it’s possibly worth mentioning that their previous Mission E concept car featured two e-motors that created the equivalent of 600bhp, could propel Mission E from 0-62mph in less than 3.5 seconds and still allowed a range of over 300 miles.

Featuring beautiful design and astonishing performance statistics, Porsche’s Mission E concept already had us very excited to see a road going all-electric Porsche. Now, with the unveiling of Mission E Cross Turismo at Geneva, our excitement has reached new heights.

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