RAC launch roadside vehicle charging


RAC Launches Roadside Vehicle Charging

If you happen to run out of fuel when out and about, it has always been the case that you just give your roadside assistance provider a call and they’ll come rescue you for a small fee. But what if you’re in an electric car and you run out of charge? A new scheme from the RAC has your back. 

The scheme sees six RAC Ford Transits fitted with a new, UK-developed, portable EV recovery device named “EV Boost” and basically means that electric car users can be given a top-up boost of charge so that they can reach a charging point to recharge their vehicle proper. Just like their current Fuel Assist Service for customers with conventionally powered vehicles. 

RAC launch roadside vehicle charging

The EV Boost device utilises power from an electric generator that has been mated to the Ford Transit’s engine, sending change through an inverter to the stranded vehicle. To ensure that the service is available to as many people as possible, the charging device is currently compatible with all Type 1 and 2 connections. 

Whilst this scheme currently only consists of six compatible vans, the RAC say that they there will be a large-scale roll-out over the next few years, providing that it proves a success. This new scheme is the first of its kind in the UK and replaces the current slow process of having to collect the car on a flatbed truck. 

Speaking of the scheme Chris Millward, Head of Roadside Rescue at the RAC, said:

“With nothing like it on the market, the real challenge was to develop a mobile EV-charger system which is compact and light enough to fit into our normal patrol vehicles.”

With electric cars becoming more-and-more popular on UK roads, a scheme like this certainly seems to make sense, limiting the traffic and disturbance that a stranded EV may cause. That said, we’d like to know your thoughts on the RAC’s new scheme, let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin

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