2019 Range Rover Evoque to be Unveiled Live on Facebook

After eight incredibly successful years of the Range Rover Evoque, it’s almost time for us to finally see the second generation of Range Rover’s “baby SUV”. Want to see the unveiling as it happens? Make sure you’re watching Land Rover’s Facebook livestream later this week.

As you can imagine, Land Rover have released very little information about their new Evoque before its official release; that said, we do have a few pieces of information from JLR that give us a loose idea of what to expect. The first of these come thanks to the teaser images shared by Land Rover throughout the week.

From the images shared, you’ll notice that the silhouette has remained similar to that of the previous generation but the light design – both front and rear – suggests styling that is more akin to that of the stunning Range Rover Velar.

Looking at the current model range on offer from Range Rover, it’s plausible that the interior will also feature a sufficient level of Velar influence; hopefully meaning the implementation of the dual-screen control system that adorns the dashboard and centre console of both the Velar and new Range Rover.

As expected, we’re still awaiting confirmation on which powertrains the new Evoque will adapt and we’re hesitant to guess what the options might be. Following Jaguar Land Rover’s announcement earlier this year that all JLR products will be electrified from 2020, however, it’s not impossible to imagine that we’ll see a hybrid variant of the new Evoque somewhere later on down the line.

The exciting launch of this all-new Range Rover is set to occur live on Facebook and we cannot wait! If you’d like to watch the unveiling, you simply need to follow this link. What do you think the new Evoque will be like? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

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