UK Government Announces Road to Zero Projects​

A year after their initial announcement of the £37 million ‘Road to Zero’ fund, the UK government have now revealed how they’ll be allocating the funds. Stretching between projects that vary from wireless charging to solar-powered EV charging forecourts, the focus of the funds is very much infrastructure. 

The fund was set up to aid the government’s plan of banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2040; with an aim of supporting innovations in charging and infrastructure. The recent announcement shows that the funds will be split between a total of 12 different projects. 

Ionity Chargers

One of the projects gaining investment will see new charging points installed in car parks to allow large-scale overnight charging. Much like the Smart Charging Hubs that we reported on, earlier this year, these car parks will have the capability of energy storage and will – possibly – draw some of their power from solar energy.

Wireless charging will also see an investment of more than £2 million, with electric charging company Char.gy set to deploy the technology. Once implemented, it is thought that the technology will vastly increase convenience for drivers whilst also making streets safer, due to the fact that wireless technology doesn’t require trailing cables.

At the moment, not many vehicles come with wireless charging compatibility – something that is likely to change over the next year – but it can be easily retrofitted to vehicles. Trials are set to begin soon in Milton Keynes, the London Borough of Redbridge and Buckinghamshire.

One of the final focuses are ‘pop-up’ chargers from a company called Urban Foresight. Built discretely into the pavement, these chargers will rise up out of the floor when required, offering EV drivers that don’t have off-street parking a safe and easy solution for vehicle charging.

To roll out their chargers in the most efficient way possible, Urban Foresight will receive an investment of £3 million.

As mentioned previously, the fund was created to help the government’s 2040 initiative that’ll see no more new petrol or diesel cars sold at dealerships; instead, every new car will have to feature some form of electrification. Read more about it here.

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