SEAT Test Biomethane


SEAT to Begin Testing Biomethane Made from Landfill Waste

As part of the new Life Landfill Biofuel project, SEAT have announced that they will be trialling the use of biomethane, obtained from municipal landfills, as a source of fuel for their vehicles. Funded by the EU, the project is set to run until 2023 and aims to find a new alternative fuel to petrol and diesel. 

SEAT’s research into the possible uses of biomethane as an alternative fuel come as part of the Volkswagen Group’s (VWG) ongoing decarbonisation efforts; a push that has recently seen the introduction of multiple electric and hybrid vehicles across all of the brands that sit underneath the umbrella of VWG. 

SEAT Test Biomethane

With a budget of €4.3 million, the Life Landfill Biofuel project will be developed jointly by a number of different partners over the next four years. Approved and supported by the European Union, 55% of the budget will be contributed by the EU.

If successful, the project could convert waste from almost half-a-million landfills into a biofuel that can power vehicles across the world. Due to its ability to reduce landfill waste, the project sits perfectly in-line with the EU’s aim of limiting the amount of landfill waste by 2035 to just 10%.

The project will see SEAT use a five step process that ends with the testing of four biomethane powered test cars. Each of these cars will be evaluated after 30,000km to determine the viability and efficiency of the fuel. 

You can get a closer look at the five steps in the image to the left.

But why would you want biomethane as a fuel source? Well, along with a reduction of emissions from both vehicles and landfill sites, the fuel source would, hypothetically, allow for convenient refuelling that takes the same amount of time as a fossil powered cars. In their press release, SEAT draw comparisons to compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles, of which they offer one of the world’s broadest ranges.

Andrew Shepherd, the gentleman responsible for SEAT’s renewable energy projects, said:

"This project will enable us to make headway in the development and research of biomethane as a fuel. Our ultimate aim is to guarantee zero environmental impact for CO2 emissions in the entire life cycle of vehicles."

It’s no secret that, due to environmental concerns, the automotive world has been through a range of changes over the last year or so. For that reason – alongside advancements in electric car technology – it’s hard not to find projects like this incredibly interesting. We’d like to know what you think of this new project! Let us know your thoughts on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter.

SEAT Test Biomethane