Shell say that soon you'll be able to pay for fuel via Paypal on your mobile phone.

Navigating through the technology age, we are always looking for quicker and more efficient ways of doing things, for example: going from chip and pin to contactless payment or using pay-at-pump when buying fuel. Aiming to push service station efficiency, Shell are now looking to be the first UK fuel company to offer mobile payment at many of their 1000 service stations.

Powering the innovative new system is a new partnership between Shell and PayPal – a company that has been at the forefront of mobile payment innovations since 2011. Using the new payment method would extensively shorten the amount of time spent at the pumps whilst still allowing similar security as pay-at-pump technology. Talking about the exciting new development, Michael Hominick – Retail Marketing Manager at Shell UK – commented:

“We're committed to providing a fast, safe and secure service. We've listened to our customers and know they will benefit from this innovation. They will now have the flexibility and convenience of paying without having to leave their car. Those who want to go in store and pay or purchase other items will still be able to, with the benefit of reduced queues."

Taking advantage of the new system is incredibly easy and simply requires the customer to have access to either of the companies' phone applications. Once parked at a petrol pump the customer opens their selected app and selects the corresponding pump. This action will then prompt the app to start the payment approval and authentication process; once approved, the customer is free to fill up and drive away – a receipt is sent to their phone shortly after to reassure that payment has been successful.

This system was tested by Shell back in 2013 and saw great success; as such a pilot has been devised by Shell so that selected Shell Drivers' club members can test the product in April. Shell then expect to roll out a mainstream version of the system later this year.