ŠKODA have unveiled their first ever all-electric car at Geneva

If you’ve read any of our other Geneva Motor Show articles, you’ve probably noticed that electric and hybrid cars were the stars of the show this year. Showing their electric revolution hand, ŠKODA have unveiled the striking ŠKODA VISION iV Concept. We’re totally sold on anything that looks this good. 

Set to hit the roads proper in 2020, the ŠKODA VISION iV Concept is the first vehicle that we’ve seen from the brand that utilises the Volkswagen Group’s MEB modular electric car platform. As well as being the first of its kind in terms of powertrain, it’s also the first to demonstrate a new design language from ŠKODA. 

This bright yellow four-door crossover coupe serves up sharp, aggressive, lines that promote it as a sporty vehicle and not your more traditional electric crossover workhorse. Amongst other things, ŠKODA designers have added a new large front grille and full-length light bars at both the front and back for the first time. 

Thanks to the removal of the fossil fuel burning engine and subsequent saving of space, the designers have been able to play about with the VISION iV Concept’s proportions; that means a shorter bonnet and a longer swooping roofline that creates a stunning, almost coupe-feeling, silhouette. 

That short bonnet has also allowed for interior space to be increased; meaning that the ŠKODA VISION iV Concept can offer the driver and passengers a more comfortable and luxurious-feeling drive. That drive has been further boosted by some new interior technology that appears on a multitude of seemingly floating screens and digital instrument panels. 

Taking full advantage of the car’s autonomous driving capability, the interior has been made to feel like a comfortable lounge that entirely features plant-based materials, vegan vinyl fibres and bio-degradable wool. As with other brands, ŠKODA have placed a heavy emphasis on making the VISION iV Concept (and you can assume the real thing) as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. 

Now, the important bit; zero-emission power comes courtesy of two electric motors, one on each axle, that produce a total power of 225kW. Translating to 306PS, the power takes the ŠKODA VISION iV Concept from 0-62mph in just 5.9 seconds; mighty impressive when you consider the size of the car.

ŠKODA say that the 83-kWh lithium-ion battery can be charged to 80 per cent in just 30 minutes and that, fully charged, the VISION iV Concept will be good for a total of around 500km (310 miles) in the WLTP cycle. When you look at other electric cars in this space, 310 miles and quick charging ability are definitely enough to set the VISION iV Concept apart from its competitors.

As we mentioned earlier, you can expect to see a production version of the ŠKODA VISION iV Concept sometime closer to the 2020 release date. Before then, the brand is set to head into the world of electric cars with a plug-in hybrid Superb later this year and then an electrified Citigo.

If this is what we have to look forward to in 2020, colour us excited! What do you think of the ŠKODA VISION iV Concept? Let us know on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.

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