Police test new tool that knows when you're texting.

In a world of smartphones, it's incredibly easy to get distracted by texts, Facebook, Twitter or even angry birds! Statistics show that using a phone whilst driving makes you 23x more likely to crash; in America texting whilst driving kills 11 people in their teens every day.

It's these horrific stats that make many countries support complete bans on using a mobile phone whilst driving. In the UK, being caught on your phone whilst driving carries a fine of anything up to £1000 and can lead to losing your license.

It can, however, be very hard for the police to enforce the ban on mobile phones – it's all too easy for a driver to hide their phone when they spot the police. In an effort to combat this problem, Virgina-based company 'ComSonics' have developed a new police radar gun that can detect the frequencies given off by mobile phones.

Named the 'Sniffer Sleuth II', the device can be used to determine whether or not the driver of a vehicle is texting whilst driving. Mobile phones give off multiple different frequencies for their many different functions; by isolating the frequency that is given off during texting the device can alert police of texting whilst ignoring other signals like receiving an email or using a hands-free system.

Comsonics say that the Sniffer Sleuth II is close to production but is currently awaiting legislative approval due to some concerns over privacy. Once approved the technology looks to work incredibly well at cutting down accidents and fatalities caused by mobile phone usage on the road.