Published: 03/04/20 | Updated: 29/04/20

Sytner Group Supporting Key Workers

Our ethos at Sytner Group is ‘One Team’ and never has this been more true. Our amazing dealership teams have been stepping up to support their local communities however they can.

From supplying cars to deliver testing kits, to donating seat and steering wheel covers to community nurses. We are going to use this space to keep our online community updated with our team efforts and give shout out’s to our fantastic colleagues! Here’s just a few examples of the work that has been happening this week.

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Mercedes-Benz of Swindon Support a Local GP Surgery

Our colleagues at Mercedes-Benz of Swindon were contacted by the Practice Manager of the Old Town GP Surgery.

She wanted to know if they had any car protection kits such as steering wheel covers and seat covers, that we could donate to her surgery. As her Doctors were beginning to do home visits this week with Covid 19 patients.

The team did not hesitate and quickly managed to supply a number of seat covers and latex gloves to the surgery! Great work everyone!

Supporting Local Key Workers

Vikki Supports the NHS

Vikki from Guy Salmon Coventry Supports NHS Workers

Vikki - Accounts Assistant at Guy Salmon Coventry - has been keeping herself busy by making Scrubs Bags for her local hospitals and care homes.

The bags allow NHS and key workers to put their scrubs straight into the bag and then into the washing machine, meaning that they don't need to be touched multiple times!

Great work Vikki! If anyone has any spare duvet covers or bedsheets that they'd like to donate to Vikki and the team of 1,000 seamstresses, please do not hesitate to message us!

Sytner Solihull Continue to Support Key Workers

Sytner Solihull have continued to support their community by donating seat covers to one of their local volunteer paramedics.

We're proud to say that our colleagues across the group have been assisting the NHS and key workers however they can.

We'll have some updates on their stunning window display soon!

Sytner Solihull Supporting Key Workers

Delivering PPE to Key Workers

Harrogate Audi Support NHS with PPE

Today, Harrogate Audi were very proud to donate this boot load of gloves to the Airedale NHS Trust.

The much needed delivery of gloves will help ensure that the key workers at the Trust can continue their incredible work.

Well done Harrogate Audi!

Sytner BMW Continues to Support Local Emergency Services

Throughout this period, emergency vehicles such as police cars and ambulances have been among the most important vehicles on the road.

We're extremely proud of our workshop colleagues who have continued to support key workers and their local emergency services.

Here, another Police patrol car arrives at Sytner Sheffield for urgent maintenance and servicing.

Great work everyone!

Sytner BMW Continue to Support Emergency Services

Sytner Leicester Supply Much Needed PPE

Leicester Audi Supply Much Needed PPE to NHS Key Workers

Our colleagues at Leicester Audi have been proud to support their local NHS key workers by supplying much needed PPE.

This time, they've donated boxes of gloves to the Leicestershire NHS Partnership Trust. The hero in this photo is Sam, the wife of one of Leicester Audi's Technicians.

Thank you Sam and all the key workers that are working so hard at this time.

Sytner Audi Show their Thanks to Key Workers

We're proud of our team members who have been supporting the NHS and key workers throughout this difficult period.

Along with keeping a number of their workshops open to carry out urgent work on key workers' cars, our Sytner Audi colleagues have been showing their appreciation with these great banners on their dealerships!

Thank you to every key worker across the country for your continued amazing work.

Sytner Audi Support NHS

Audi Leicester Support the NHS

Audi Leicester Show Their Support for NHS Key Workers

Audi Leicester are proudly showing their support for the NHS and key workers across the country with this fantastic display.

All of these brilliant pictures were created by the children of our colleagues at the dealership.

Great work everyone, we're enjoying watching this display grow!

Guy Salmon Bristol Continue their Great Work Supporting Key Workers

Our colleagues at Guy Salmon Bristol have been working tirelessly throughout the week to ensure that all urgent work is quickly carried out on car owned by key workers and NHS staff.

During this week, the dealership have seen up to eight trucks a day delivering important vehicles for servicing.

Thank you to all of our Workshop Technicians that continue to support key workers throughout this period.

Guy Salmon Bristol Assist Key Workers

Sytner Solihull Support the NHS

Sytner Solihull Show Their Thanks to the NHS

Along with keeping their workshop open to carry out urgent work on key workers' cars, Sytner Solihull have been showing their support of the NHS and key workers by displaying these great pictures in the window.

They've all been drawn by the children of the team and the collection just keeps on growing! We can't wait to see the next few additions.

Great work everyone!

Mercedes-Benz of Northampton Supporting the Cynthia Spencer Hospice

This week our colleagues at Mercedes-Benz of Northampton have donated and delivered over 100 easter eggs to their local Hospice, the Cynthia Spencer Hospice.

The Hospice provides palliative care and has a fantastic team of care members that work around the clock to look after their patients. We can't think of a more deserving group and hope that staff and patients alike enjoy their eggs.

Thank you to all of the key workers across the country.

Mercedes-Benz Northampton Support Local Hospice

Supporting local hospitals

Sytner Maidenhead BMW and Sytner Slough MINI Support Local Hospitals

Our colleagues at Sytner Maidenhead BMW and Sytner Slough MINI were very proud to donate much needed PPE to the NHS over Easter.

The two dealerships donated over 6,000 rubber gloves to the COVID-19 Intensive Care ward at The Royal Berkshire Hospital, Upton Hospital and Wexham Hospital.

They also handed over another Easter essential to say thank you to our key workers; chocolate eggs! 

Sytner Sheffield BMW Continue to Support Local Emergency Services

As mentioned in a previous post, a number of our workshops have been proud to support their local emergency service vehicles operating in perfect condition.

Sytner Sheffield have recently been equipping this police car with a whole new engine, to ensure that it remains in optimal condition. The team have been working tirelessly to make sure the car is off the road for the shortest time possible and it should be finished soon.

Whilst our dealerships and workshops are now closed to the public, a number of our workshops remain open to offer urgent maintenance to key workers.

Sytner Sheffield Supporting the Police

Chris Dickens Volunteers with Acute Ambulance

Chris Volunteers to help NHS Ambulance and Emergency Crews

Over the bank holiday weekend, Chris Dickens - our Learning and Development Coach for JLR and Audi - has been volunteering with 'Acute Ambulance', a private ambulance company that supply vehicles and crews to the NHS.

Chris has been supporting the team by moving vehicles and equipment around, ensuring that everything is in the right place at the right time, for when it is needed by NHS staff. This releases front line ambulance crews, now all involved in Covid-19 cases.

Great work Chris!

Anthony Miller and Newbold RFC Raise Over £39,000 for the NHS

Anthony Miller - BMW Used Car Sales Manager at Sytner Solihull - recently took part in his rugby club's 'Braving the Shave' fundraiser for the NHS.

The brilliant fundraiser calls for participants to gain sponsors before shaving their head completely! The proceeds will then be donated to the NHS, to help them to continue their invaluable support.

Before shaving his head, Anthony managed to raise an incredible £8,700. So far, the fundraiser has managed to amass funds of over £39,000 and the total is still growing.


Raising Money for the NHS

Sytner Cardiff Supporting the Police

Sytner BMW Dealerships Keep Police Vehicles on the Road

With ambulances and police cars being among the most critical vehicles on the road at the moment, we have a number of workshops open to fulfil their needs.

Sytner BMW dealerships across the country have been proud to support their various local police services by ensuring that their patrol cars remain serviced and in perfect condition for their various and important duties.

From unmarked pursuit cars to regular patrol vehicles, we'll have more updates on this over the coming days and weeks.

The Volkswagen HR Team Deliver Easter Eggs!

We might be on lock down, but that doesn't stop our Easter Bunnies!

We all need our chocolate egg fix more than ever! The Volkswagen HR team have stepped up to spread some Easter cheer by donating Easter eggs to the residents at their local care home.

Great work everyone in the team!

Supporting the Local Care Home

Sytner Group Donate PPE

Sytner Group Donate PPE to East Midland Ambulance Service

Today, we were proud to donate much needed PPE to the East Midlands Ambulance Service, to help key workers deal with the coronavirus outbreak in the midlands - one of the worst affected areas in the UK!

In total we donated 10,000 disposable seat covers, 5,000 pairs of disposable gloves and hundreds of tyvex suits!

Thank you to everyone involved and to the brave key workers that continue to support the community.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Support Front Line NHS Nurses

After a call from one of their Apprentice Technicians to say that her mother and other front line NHS nurses were severely short of PPE supplies, the team at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Llandudno quickly mobilised.

The next day, they were able to supply boxes of gloves and masks to ensure that their local NHS heroes could continue their incredible work.

Thank you to everyone in the team for reacting so quickly! Great work!

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Support NHS Staff

Bentley Manchester Support Local Hospital

Bentley Manchester Provide Masks and Gloves to Wythenshawe Hospital

Our colleagues at Bentley Manchester have been supporting their local hospital by donating lots of important PPE. They said:

"Our Managing Director Jon Crossley was made aware that a medical evaluation company based at Wythenshawe Hospital were just about to start trials for Covid 19, however, they were short of PPE. Jon called our friends at Lloyds Bodyshop who kindly gave us some masks to provide.

We also donated 2 boxes of protective gloves that the techs would normally be wearing now. Jon spent his hour out of the house for exercise by hand delivering them!"

Thank you to everyone involved!

Guy Salmon Sheffield Support NHS with Discovery Loan Car

Guy Salmon Sheffield have been supporting the Rotherham NHS by ensuring that their Land Rover Discovery loan car is kept in perfect condition.

The vehicle helps to keep the local NHS teams mobile, allowing them to continue the important support that they give to the community.

Well done Guy Salmon Sheffield team!

Guy Salmon Supporting the NHS

Derby Audi Donate Gloves and Seat Covers

Derby Audi Donate Protective Gloves and Seat Covers to Local Nurses

Over the weekend, Keith Weaver - our Group Buying Director - and our colleagues at Derby Audi teamed up to supply a number of gloves and seat covers to the nurses at Swadlincote Health Centre! Keith said:

"When my wife mentioned there was a shortage of gloves for her front line colleagues working in the community, I made a call.

A massive thank you to Bill Peace and the team at Audi Derby. This pile of 2,500 protective gloves and 400 seat covers are on the way now to the teams of community nurses at Swadlincote Health Centre, South Derbyshire."

Thank you to Keith and our colleagues at Derby Audi for making this happen!

Sytner Leicester BMW Continue to Support Key Workers

As mentioned in a previous post, a number of our workshops have been proud to support their local emergency service vehicles operating in perfect condition. 

Here you can see one such vehicle being carefully serviced by the team at Sytner Leicester BMW. Keep up the great work guys! 

Whilst our dealerships and workshops are now closed to the public, a number of our workshops remain open to offer urgent maintenance to key workers. 

Sytner Leicester BMW Support Local Key Workersq

Mercedes-Benz of Teesside Support Local NHS

Mercedes-Benz Dealerships Supply Important Equipment to Key Workers

Colleagues from both Mercedes-Benz Teesside and Bath have been out delivering important PPE to key workers in their community. 

Mercedes-Benz of Bath were proud to supply a number of protective gloves to their local care homes, whilst Mercedes-Benz of Teesside have been supplying their local NHS services with important seat covers. 

Great work everyone!

Mercedes-Benz of Weston-Super-Mare Support Local Police

In order to ensure that Weston-Super-Mare's police force don't run out of PPE, our colleagues at Mercedes-Benz of Weston-Super-Mare were proud to donate a number of protective gloves.

The equipment will be used be the force whilst they continue support the local community and the many key workers that are working hard to make sure people remain safe.

Thank you to everyone that made this happen and to Weston-Super-Mare police for their continued hard work!

Mercedes-Benz of Weston-Super-Mare Donate PPE to Local Police

Sytner Cardiff Donate Car

Sytner Cardiff BMW Donate Car to the University Hospital of Wales

Our colleagues at Sytner Cardiff BMW have donated a vehicle to the University Hospital of Wales for three weeks. The car will be used to deliver Coronavirus testing kits throughout South Wales.

The team have also supplied 1,500 seat and steering wheel covers that can be distributed amongst local community nurses​ across the NHS.

The dealership continue to offer essential aftersales services to key workers, ensuring that vehicles such as police cars remain safely on the road. 

Mercedes-Benz of Newbury Deliver supplies to Newbury Hospital

To ensure that NHS staff can continue to do their incredible work, Mercedes-Benz of Newbury have donated and delivered 20 boxes of gloves to Newbury hospital.

With NHS PPC being in more demand than ever before, the boxes of gloves will ensure that Newbury hospital have sufficient stocks to keep them going for the foreseeable future.

Here we see Sally from the dealership delivering the boxes.

Sally delivering gloves to Newbury hospital

Sytner Swansea Gifts for Key workers

Sytner Swansea Show their thanks to Key Workers

Sytner Swansea have been adding some extra little gifts to key workers cars, to say thank you for all of their hard work! Kelly - Service Reception Manager at Sytner Swansea - had this to say:

"It was quite fun preparing these gorgeous trays for our key workers ready to put in the vehicles upon their collection but it was also quite emotional thinking about how much they are working for us & our country.

Just a small gesture but we want to show our love & appreciation!

Stay safe everyone!