From Submarines to Autonomous cars - here's our interview with Aston Martin CEO Dr Andy Palmer

At last week's fantastic launch of Aston Martin Nottingham, our media team managed to catch up with Dr Andy Palmer to discuss everything from the stunning new Nottingham dealership and the future of Aston Martin to autonomous cars and their new submarine!

What does Aston Martin Nottingham mean to Aston Martin?

Aston Martin Nottingham is finally officially open! But what does the first ever Aston Martin dealership within the Sytner Group mean to Aston Martin?

What are your thoughts on the Electrification that is currently happening in the industry?

Amidst a host of electrification announcements and a looming Government ban on traditional fuels, what does Dr Andy Palmer think of the impending 'electric era'?

Autonomous cars - do they have a place within a brand like Aston Martin?

Do autonomous cars really lend themselves to a brand that prides itself on a visceral driving experience? We ask Dr Andy Palmer to find out. 

What can we expect from Aston Martin in the future?

With exciting projects like Valkyrie and a new submarine already underway, we ask Dr Andy Palmer what else we can expect from Aston Martin in the future.

We'd like to once again thank Dr Andy Palmer for taking the time to answer our questions on what was a very busy launch evening. The future of the brand certainly looks like it'll continue to be incredibly exciting; boasting not only a new model every year going forwards but also new projects just like their AM37 Speedboat and new submersible project.

Aston Martin Nottingham is the Sytner Group's first dealership with Aston Martin. A brand new state-of-the-art facility, the dealership has space for 22 cars and demonstrates not only the very latest Aston Martin new cars but also an extensive range of Timeless certified pre-owned stock. For more information about the stunning new dealership

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