Traffic Lights coming to the UK's Motorways

In a bid to try and combat the severe motorway congestion that many of us experience on a daily basis, Highways England are introducing traffic lights to the motorway.

Unlike the traffic lights that you may have seen perched at the end of a slip road, this new proposal would see traffic lights introduced on the actual motorway network itself. It’s a first for the UK and the aim is to help ease the slowly worsening ordeal of congested motorways. According to Autocar, last year saw a 30 per cent rise in traffic when compared to the mid-90s.

The new scheme will begin next month with a £7million trial that will see traffic lights introduced on the Croft interchange near Warrington, Cheshire.

More precisely, the lights will be situated where junction 21A of the M6 and junction 10 of the M62 meet. Highways England have noted that the traffic lights will only operate during peak hours but haven’t specified when these hours will be.

Should the initial trail be a success, it is likely that we will see traffic lights introduced across the motorway network at other link roads.

Talking of the scheme, Andy Withington of Highways England said:

"Once the system is fully up and running we'll be monitoring its use over a period of up to a year. If it is successful - and we believe it will be - it could well be used on other motorway to motorway link roads across the country."

Alongside smart motorways and subsequent reduced speed limits at peak times, motorway traffic lights are the latest in Highways England’s many efforts to reduce the traffic jams that reportedly cost the UK £9billion a year.

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Header image courtesy of Oliver Weston. Information sourced from Autocar.

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