Vans to be Banned in UK Cities

Over the last year or so, we’ve seen multiple new plans from the Government that are set to change the way that the UK’s road and transport networks work. Now, however, a new plan has been announced that’ll change the way cities operate by banning delivery vehicles. 

The new plan, which is part of the “Last Mile and Future of Mobility” document, would see all light commercial vehicles banned from urban environments, replacing them with micro vehicles and cargo bikes that are powered by electricity. The overall aim being that the smaller, environmentally friendly, vehicles would help air quality whilst also reducing congestion. 

Announced by Transport Minister Jesse Norman earlier today, the plan included a further move to electric vehicles for all-delivery transport (including lorries) but focused mainly on converting the majority of ‘last-mile deliveries’ to smaller vehicles. Speaking of the plan, the Transport Minister told Autocar: 

“We are on the cusp of an exciting and profound change in how people, goods and services move around the country, which is set to be driven by extraordinary innovation.”

Coming alongside multiple initiatives that promote the development of autonomous cars and the long-standing plan to ban all sales of new petrol and diesel-only vehicles in 2040, it’s safe to say that the Government are planning for future cities that look very different to what we are used to. 

In response to the recent uptake in shared car schemes, the document also outlined plans to scrap a large amount of urban parking spaces that are no longer needed.

The possible plan to ban commercial vehicles in the UK’s cities is still a very new initiative that requires a lot of planning and, therefore, it doesn’t currently have a launch date or the official go ahead. What do you think of the plan? Do you support the move to ban commercial vehicles in the UK’s cities?

Images from Pexels. Information from Autocar.

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