Volkswagen unveil Polo GTI R5 Rally Sports Car

Volkswagen have recently unveiled their latest rally sports car: Polo GTI R15. Currently undergoing a series of arduous tests, this new Polo rally car brings lessons learned from three WRC world titles to the world of customer racing. 

Based upon the latest generation Polo, this latest rally sports car from Volkswagen can be bought by customers and will be homologated next year so that it can compete in R5 regulation competitions. In order to allow this, whilst this new car shares much of its construction and design with the road car, the Polo GTI R5 has been built to FIA specification with various additional safety components and a roll cage.

Much like the road-going fifth generation Polo GTI, the Polo GTI R5 is powered by a four-cylinder turbocharged engine; in order for it to comply with FIA regulations however, displacement has been reduced to 1.6-litres as oppose to the road car’s 2.0-litres. That said, the smaller engine’s output of 270bhp and 295lb ft has been twinned with four-wheel drive and a five-speed sequential gearbox to allow Polo GTI R5 the ability to go from 0-62mph in just 4.1 seconds. 

Before being homologated and then delivered to customers next year, Polo GTI R15 is currently being put thoroughly through its paces on every surface. This testing process started in November on asphalt and gravel and recently reached its second location; moving from Fontjoncouse in France to Great Britain. The move will allow Volkswagen to test the new Polo GTI R5 in some of our arduous winter conditions and surfaces.

Ensuring that the new rally sports car is tested to the very limits of its potential, Volkswagen have put test driver Dieter Depping and Pontus Tidemand, 2017 WRC2 champion, behind the wheel. In interviews with various news outlets, both drivers have remarked on how well the new Polo GTI R5 handles and how the car feels instantly comfortable.

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