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Volkswagen Group to Significantly Grow
Electric Car Range

As you may have seen from our recent coverage of the Geneva Motor Show, the topic of electrification is bigger than ever – with the majority of manufacturers showing off their 2020 electric cars. Following the Motor Show, Volkswagen Group (VWG) have announced that they’ll launch 70 fully electric vehicles by 2030.

Comprised of Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, SEAT, SKODA, Porsche and Volkswagen, the Volkswagen Group had originally outlined in their 2017 ‘Roadmap E’ that they were aiming to introduce 50 models by 2030. On top of growing that number by 20 fully electric models, VWG have also announced that they want to sell 22 million fully-electric models over the next ten years. 

Beginning the charge for VWG will be the recently released Audi e-tron and the highly anticipated Porsche Taycan (originally named mission-e). The Group recently announced that the two models had garnered around 20,000 reservations each, meaning that the plan is certainly hitting the ground running.

Following these two very special debuts, a host of new models based on the MEB modular electric architecture will be unveiled. As we saw at Geneva, these models will start as the SEAT el-Born, a production version of the SKODA Vision iV Concept, Audi Q4 e-tron and various VW ‘ID’ models.

Talking of the plan, Herbert Diess, VWG’s CEO, said:

“VW is changing fundamentally … this supertanker is picking up speed and becoming faster and more agile. VW is evolving from carmaker to software company.”

Supporting the incredible growth to 70 fully electric models, VWG will be manufacturing electric cars in 13 factories by 2022 and have created a new division named ‘VW Group Components’. This new independent business will handle everything to do with battery life production – from initial mineral purchase all the way through to end-of-life recycling.

In line with new guidelines set out in the Paris Agreement – which aim to make Europe CO2-neutral by 2050 – the change to 70 models will see 40% of the VWG model range become fully electric and therefore the Volkswagen Group CO2-neutral. Ahead of that, VWG have said that the plan will see their CO2 footprint become 30% lower by 2025.

The Volkswagen Group’s initial models have all been met with a warm welcome and many were left impressed by the product displayed at Geneva. It’s encouraging to see even more commitment to electric vehicles appearing from big companies like the Volkswagen Group and we’re excited to see how this commitment helps to develop the technology faster.

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