Porsche Centre Leicester display Restoration Project car at Donington Historic Festival

Saturday 30th April – Monday 2nd May 2016

As part of the '40 years at the front' restoration competition. Porsche Centre Leicester will be attending the Donington Historic Festival on Saturday 30th April with this year’s entry a Porsche 968 Club Sport.

In between watching iconic motor cars fighting it out on the track, spectators can wander round the race paddocks, enjoying free access and getting up close the off-track attractions.

The front engine 'transaxle' cars were a departure from the traditional Porsche recipe and designed as a means to tempt new customers in to the Porsche brand and even at one point to be a successor to the 911. Whilst this ambition was never realised the models are still a hugely important yet under-appreciated part of the Porsche history.

The restoration of our 1993 Porsche Club Sport, having covered only 87,000 miles is well underway, the body has been fully stripped and all previous repairs made good. The engine and transmission have been removed and painstakingly stripped, cleaned and rebuilt.

Last year, Porsche Centre Leicester completed the highly intricate full restoration of a 1986 911 3.2 Turbo bodied Targa. Together with recommended body repairer Chartwell of Derby, Porsche Centre Leicester went on to be overall winner of the Porsche Restoration competition.

For further information on the Donington Historic Festival visit their website here.

To stay up to date on the progress of our Restoration Project, visit our Restoration Contest website or visit our Youtube channel where you can watch our latest installments.

Before and After