Article By Harriet Day

Porsche Centre Leicester Win Double Awards

at Porsche Restoration Competition 2016

​Porsche Centre Leicester successfully scooped double awards at the 2016 Porsche Restoration Competition Awards on Saturday 30th July. Winning both the judges award for Body and Paint Restoration and the Porsche Fans' Choice by public vote, the centre fought off stiff competition from Porsche Centres all over the country.

Having completed the 2016 Restoration Project after hundreds of hours of hard work, we are delighted to have won two awards, making it our third year running to win awards at the competition.

The iconic 968 Club Sport was purchased by the centre nearly a year ago, and has since undergone a complete refurbishment down to the very last nut and bolt.

When the car first arrived it was clear that the car's bodywork was in need of some attention, and had suffered a few scrapes. The bodywork was damaged down to the metal, and some of the alloys had been curbed. Once we started to dismantle the car, it quickly became evident that the car was in need of some structural as well as cosmetic repair.

The entire electrical system had to be removed and replaced due to an after-market alarm system being fitted by a third-party mechanic in the past. This meant that some wiring had begun to fray and need to be replaced. We then fitted a Porsche Classic Radio to fully complete the electrical system.

Although the interior itself was in great condition, some repair work was required due to poor care over the years. Some fabric had become damaged through carelessness over the years, which were repaired where possible, or replaced when we were left with no other choice.

The 968 Club Sport's engine was completely dismantled and reconditioned in-centre by our highly skilled technicians using mainly vapor blasting. Each of the 16 valves were carefully removed from the cylinder head, individually reconditioned and replaced.

Our iconic 968 Club Sport has now been returned to it's former glory and will spend the next few months travelling to various Porsche Classic shows in both the UK and Germany.