Porsche Unveil an Electrifying Future

This year's Frankfurt motor show saw a surprise car on Porsche's stand - Mission E. Not only did their new electric concept steal the show, it's also a look at the future of electric motoring.

“With this car we intend to start a new era with Porsche, similar to the 911 fifty years ago”-That’s how Porsche R&D boss Wolfgang Hatz introduced the new Porsche Mission E to Top Gear magazine; when you consider how significant the 911 has been to Porsche, you begin to realise just how important this new electric concept is. The incredible new Mission E isn’t just significant to Porsche however - it brings with it a plan that’ll have an effect on the entire performance automotive world.

Porsche Mission E was first unveiled at the 2015 Frankfurt motor show; a show that it subsequently stole due to its striking styling, abundance of technology and incredible performance figures. It’s probably worth mentioning that Mission E isn’t a replacement for the astonishing 918 Spyder or a car to simply accompany it in the range; instead the Mission E concept demonstrates Porsche’s future and boasts full electric power from two electric motors and the world’s first 800V architecture.

The performance figures that Porsche have accompanied the Mission E with are nothing short of astonishing and are attained without a single drop of unleaded. Power comes in at 600bhp and is put through all four wheels in order to fire the Mission E from 0-62mph in just 3.5 seconds. The impressive figures don’t stop at power; Mission E offers a range of around 312 miles and a charging time of just 15 minutes to get from zero to 80% - all thanks to the new 800V architecture.

Porsche’s design team have worked tirelessly to create exterior that is not only stunning but is also inspired by both the companies past models and their vision for the future – it’s a beautiful synergy of traditional 911 curves and new 918 influences. The sweeping profile from front to back feels unmistakably Porsche, whilst lights reminiscent of the 918 Spyder concept car have been used to offer a futuristic front end. In terms of size, Mission E sits somewhere between the Panamera and 911; accessible through four doors it allows four adults to sit in complete comfort whilst enjoying an assortment of future technology that is wholly attainable in the real world.

Taking to the helm of the Mission E, the driver area offers a clean instrument cluster that, despite becoming digital, is similar to what you would find in all performance Porsches. Finding home on a large high definition curved display, these new digital instruments adjust themselves so that they always stay within the driver’s eye line. The curved display isn’t the only HD screen within the cockpit; an entirely digital dashboard sits proudly across the entire cabin and is accompanied by a centre console mounted control panel that is controlled by touch. Despite being a concept and the interior being incredibly high tech, everything within the show car works as it would in a production model.

Unlike many concept cars that grace the Frankfurt motor show, Mission E isn’t simply a futuristic look into the manufacturers’ design prompts or possible technology that they’d like to maybe pursue. Instead, Mission E represents a future plan that could see Porsche creating fully electric production cars like this in as little as three years; Hatz is quick to mention that the only reason for the wait is to ensure that all of the utilised technology has become readily available.​​