Ghost Black Badge

Ghost Black Badge

Ghost Black Badge

For The Fearless

Ghost never compromises. And with Black Badge, that purpose is intensified to a whole new level. A darker aesthetic transforms Ghost Black Badge into the ultimate statement. Its striking stance exudes confidence, hinting at the refined power that lies waiting under the bonnet. It's time to discover your bolder side.

Sculpted by shadows

As a design statement, Ghost embodies simplicity. But Black Badge adds a potent edge to its presence. This is a more tenacious, more dynamic incarnation of luxury.

The Spirit of Ecstasy is now dark as a shadow - her bold silhouette drawing you deeper into the night. Paint is deepened to a luxurious black, and high-gloss dark chrome elements transform the front grille to create a dramatic contrast to the LED headlights. Flashes of dark chrome along the bodywork accentuate Ghost Black Badge's subtle sculpting, carried through to the darkened boot lid and exhaust pipes. The Rolls-Royce badge also embraces a darker side, a mark of refined craftsmanship.

Ghost Black Badge's contemporary profile is elevated by the stunning 21" carbon fibre composite wheels. Developed exclusively for Black Badge, the wheels' design is based on Italian supercars of the 1960s - strong, sculpted and geometric. The self-righting Rolls-Royce monogram remains upright even when the wheels are in motion.

Enter a new dimension

Discover pure luxury - with added depth. A mix of innovative, technically-crafted materials and bold upholstery transform the interior of Ghost Black Badge into a space designed to make you feel like anything is possible. Ghost's sculpted, luxury seats are a place of power from which you can take control of the road. Setting your braver side free.

Comfort is built into every inch of Ghost Black Badge. Its svelte lines envelop you in a deeper, darker luxury - creating an air of pure confidence. Bold two-tone leather upholstery, shown her in black and Tailored Purple, draws the eye, while the cabin transformed by the stunning technical fibre fascia. Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminium and carbon fibre threads, the dashboard glimmers with possibility.

Deep chrome air vents darken the whole cabin to match the aura of the exterior. And other subtle touches - such as the exclusive Black Badge clock with orange-tipped hands - make the interior of the Ghost Black Badge a thrill for the senses. Complete the ambience with an optional Bespoke Starlight Headliner, bringing the allure of the night sky inside.

Poised to perform

Ghost Black Badge is a motor car born to be driven. Its 6.6 litre twin-turbo V12 engine has been enhanced to deliver more torque (840Nm) and a thrilling 603hp (450kw), making this the fastest Ghost yet. Increased power and quicker driver reactions let you surge effortlessly through the night giving Ghost's luxurious ride an added edge.

Embrace a more spirited drive. Upgrades to the 8-speed automatic transmission let you pull off with more urgency, while gears are held for longer to give the engine more revving power. As the speed increases the Ghost Black Badge powertrain reacts intuitively. Steering and braking responses are sharpened, giving you more control and increasing contact with the road.

Ghost Black Badge is alive with technology. The intelligent air suspension maintains a magic carpet ride over any surface, by sensing the slightest of movements. And the infrared camera detects body heat up to 300m away, so you always know what's ahead in the dark. Every detail is designed for a direct and intuitive driving experience.

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