Rolls-Royce Dawn Voted Luxury Car Of The Year

The Rolls-Royce Dawn has burned BBC Top Gear magazine's coveted 2016 'luxury car of the year' award, just days after the international launch of the car began in the winelands around Cape Town, South Africa.

The most uncompromised open top motoring experience in the world, Dawn has won plaudits from some of the most highly respected international commentators, with many declaring that the new Rolls-Royce defines the notion of a true super luxury drophead.

Dawn, the fourth distinctive model in the Rolls-Royce motor cars family, is powered by an effortlessly smooth 6.6L twin-turbocharged V12 engine and features a multilayer foldaway fabric roof that, when in place, makes the Dawn the worlds quietest convertible car. Addressing the desires other significantly younger customer base Dawn delivers timeless refinement and is the most social car the marque has ever produced.