Rolls-Royce Unveil the 'Cipher of L'

Rolls-Royce have commissioned a new piece of art that marries art and Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce motor cars have unveiled a new art installation by Turner Prize nominee Angela Bulloch. The piece, named Cipher of L, was unveiled at Rolls-Royce Motorcars London and will be displayed for three weeks to coincide with the Frieze Art Fair.

The piece of art takes on the form of a 'Pixel Box' and is said to mimic the properties of a Rolls-Royce Motor car; it does this by adapting physical and conceptual elements of a Rolls-Royce and helps to explore the relationship between art, technology and craftsmanship that each car demonstrates.

Cipher of L also carries a similarity in size to a Rolls-Royce Phantom, this makes it the perfect centre piece for the showroom; emitting light over the Rolls-Royces that accompany it in the showroom and creating a new atmosphere throughout the space.

Talking of the sensational work of art Director of Communications, Richard Carter, said:

“When a customer commissions a Rolls-Royce Motor Car they are afforded the ability to create a highly bespoke, deeply personal interpretation of Rolls-Royce design and luxury. Seeing this principle taken a step further by such a renowned artist is an enormously exciting prospect…We were delighted to see Angela Bulloch's interpretation of the marque's unique design language through the medium of contemporary art."