Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Return your wheels to showroom condition... for a fraction of the cost

Alloy wheels are often one of the first places that wear and tear becomes obvious. Scratches and scuffs from a kerb when parking, damage from everyday driving can be quickly and easily restored.

Over time, the appearance of your Rolls-Royce can easily be spoilt by scrapes, scuffs, kerb damage and corrosion to the alloy wheels.

Our highly skilled technicians can restore the condition of the wheels to their former glory. Most wheels can be restored to showroom condition at a fraction of the cost of a new set.

Our Rolls-Rocye trained technicians take care of the whole process. Giving you their best advice throughout, you can trust the quality of the work done on your vehicle and can provide:

  • A total refurbishment as opposed to a temporary touch up
  • Repair, customisation or diamond cutting service
  • Powder-coating service
  • Drop in or drop off service
  • A three month guarantee on the refurbished finish

For your convenience, alloy wheel repairs can be completed while your Rolls-Royce is in for a service or as a separate appointment should that be more convenient.

Contact your local Rolls-Royce Dealership for more information.