Fixed Servicing for cars over 2 to 15 years

Your SEAT is special to you, and deserves special treatment when it’s time for a service or repair. So put it in the hands of people who know and care about your car as much as you do: your SEAT Dealer. We offer competitive, transparent, fixed prices on service and maintenance work that offer great value for money.

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(12 Month / 10,000 miles)

(24 Month / 20,000 miles)

Car serviced to SEAT UK's recommendations YES YES
Premium synthetic oil change YES
Change oil filter YES YES
Change fuel filter (diesel engines) / YES
Comprehensive vehicle inspection and report YES YES
Check and top-up screen-wash and antifreeze YES YES
Check for outstanding vehicle safety, software and product enhancements from SEAT's database YES YES
Vehicle fault memory check and report YESYES
Air filter replacement / YES
Pollen filter replacement (where required) YES YES
Check suspension system / YES
Check and adjust tension of drive belts (where required) / YES
Remove all wheels for full inspection of braking systems / YES
Replace spark plugs (petrol engine) / YES
Check heating/air conditioning operation / YES
Reset service interval display YES YES
Vehicle road test YES YES
SEAT stamp in service book YES YES
Courtesy wash and vacuum YES YES
FREE SEAT Roadside Assistance (when service booked online) YES YES


SEAT is committed to a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to make changes to specifications, offers, products and prices without notice. The information listed can therefore be given as guidance only. While SEAT makes every effort to ensure that information and prices are accurate at the time of publication January 2020.

Fixed prices are maximum retail prices and are available to retail customers only at participating SEAT Dealers. For SEAT cars over 2 to 15 years old on a time and distance servicing regime only. All prices are (where applicable) inclusive of parts, oil, labour and VAT and come with a two-year parts warranty. Excludes CUPRA models, cars with performance brakes, Mii cambelt and waterpump. This offer is valid until 31 December 2020 and, unless stated otherwise, cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.